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Hi everyone,
I have gotten so many requests that ive decided to proceed with at least one candidate for now, and later on look into getting more help for things such as character design, weapons, animations, and Blender level design.
Im impressed by the portfolio quality of all requests and will definitely keep this forum in mind for upcoming projects/tasks.

surt: Starshock looks really amazing and is a good inspiration. Thanks for the link!

Cherno: Thanks for the inspiration, i really like the style and it can serve as a base for new tiles :)

yaomon17: Great, i will take a look at it and hear back to you.

Im looking to buy a custom-made tileset (and perhaps later, character art and animations) for a hobby project called Outworld.
The art direction is in a style similar to games like Delver but (simply described) set in a sci-fi environment.

Current graphics style

Gameplay footage

Another example of tiles styles that i like can be seen here, especially in the top purple tileset. A limited but interesting palette per 32x32 tile.

If you feel that you can pull off the above quality in pixel art tilesets, then im very interested to discuss a fair payment with you. A bonus is if you live in Sweden, and even more so in Stockholm so that we can meet face to face.
Each tile will need to be 32x32 pixels and im looking to create between 16-32 tiles to start with. Message me if you're interested.

/Johan Hansson

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