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I need to take on someone into my game project, Hexoshi, to take over the previous artist and finish his work. The game has a Super Metroid-like art style, which you can see here:

The total budget remaining is $399.41. Using that budget (I'm willing to go slightly over if necessary), I would like to pay someone to complete the following tasks, which include various animations:

Slope tiles:
Scorpion enemy:
Hedgehog enemy:

The previous artist was working at a rate of $20 an hour, but I am flexible with this as long as we can complete these tasks within the budget (so if you want a higher rate, I expect you to be efficient to compensate). If there are still funds remaining, you will be paid the agreed-upon rate to draw and animate additional enemies until the budget runs out.

With the previous artist, I made the mistake of not setting a deadline, which caused this project to drag on much longer than it should have when he turned out to be unable to complete the work in a timely fashion. As such, deadlines will be set this time. For each task, we will agree on a deadline that works for you. If you fail to meet the deadline, I will assume that you have abandoned your work and find someone else to complete the task.

All of your work must be given to me under one of the following licenses:

- CC BY-SA 4.0:
- CC BY 4.0:
- CC0:
- GNU GPL v3+:

You may choose the license you prefer from this list. We will agree on this license up-front. You will agree to automatically grant me the agreed-upon license as soon as you are sent payment for any given work. Payment for a particular work will only be sent out when I have a completed copy, but I will not have a right to redistribute it (by the default rules of copyright) until the aforementioned license grant. To be perfectly clear, you will always retain the copyright and worldwide distribution rights to your work; you will only be granting me a license. No transfer of copyright will ever occur.

To keep the effort organized, we will use the task system on Savannah, the system Hexoshi is hosted on. To make this easier, you should create an account on You will be added as a member of the project, and tasks that you are meant to complete will be "assigned" to you. You can opt out of this if you prefer.

I can pay you with PayPal. I am also willing to look into paying you with Bitcoin or a wire transfer, if you prefer.

If you are interested in this offer, please contact me via email at the following email address:

Please include in your email examples of previous experience with this kind of work, and indicate your hourly rate. Please direct me to specific, relevant examples, not just your entire portfolio.

Job offers / [closed] Create a character for a Metroid-like game
« on: August 20, 2016, 08:17:35 pm »
About Me

I'm onpon4, a libre indie game developer. You can find what I've worked on in the past from the link in my signature if you are wondering.

About My Project

Since I finished my most recent project, I'm planning on starting another personal project. After some deliberation, I have decided to develop a game inspired by Super Metroid. I haven't decided what to call it since I'm still in the early planning phase, and there is also no website or anything like that yet for that same reason.

Ideally, at this stage, I would find a libre licensed sprite on e.g. to start from, then commission improvements later. Unfortunately, there isn't an existing sprite, in any form, that I find to be satisfactory. I don't like working with static placeholders like rectangles, so I would like to get the sprite for the player (not all of it, just the basic animations I'll need for the initial techdemo) done.

Job Description

I need the basic sprites for the main character sprited and animated. I actually don't have any particular design for this character in mind, or even a name for the character, so I'm leaving it to whoever accepts this job to decide exactly how it looks (which means this is also a bit of a design job). The character needs to have the following characteristics:

  • The character should work well with a bounding box that is about 38x12 pixels while standing, and about 30x12 pixels while crouching. Note: some parts of the sprite should be outside of this bounding box, since I want to make sure that the player only gets hurt by enemies/bullets/etc that look like they're touching the character. For maximum clarity, this should result in a sprite approximately the same size as Samus in Super Metroid.
  • The character must have a full protective suit on (including a helmet). This character will be on an alien planet which is inhospitable to humans and fighting highly dangerous creatures.
  • The character must have some sort of multi-purpose arm cannon.

Of course, the easiest way to do this is to make something similar to Samus, the obvious inspiration for the character's abilities (without infringing any copyright, of course). However, for example, something more akin to Iron Man or Mega Man would work, too, as long as the character has the characteristics outlined above.

The style, however, needs to fit with these tiles (note: I will be using them as quarter-pieces of tile instead of whole tiles, since they are 8x8 rather than the 16x16 tile size I am going for):

The player character's sprite should consist of two separate portions: a legs portion and a torso portion. Any torso should be able to fit on any legs, but the legs can require vertical repositioning of the torso either for the entire time the legs are used or during arbitrary frames (e.g. to create a bounce effect when running). If the legs and torso overlap at any point, the torso will appear in front.

For the torso, I need the character aiming in the eight basic directions: 0, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, and 270 degrees. Note: since it is asymmetrical (only one arm has the arm cannon), left directions cannot simply be mirrored versions of right directions. I will also need a torso animation of the character turning from left to right and right to left.

For the legs, I will need the following animations:
  • Standing
  • Running
  • Crouching
  • Jumping (note: not somersaulting like Samus does, just jumping)


You will be keeping the full copyright to your work; I have no interest in it, and you are after all the author. However, for any work to be acceptable, I must be given permission to distribute it under the terms of at least one of the following licenses:

More permissive licenses which are compatible with one of these two (such as CC0 or CC BY) are acceptable as well.


I am thinking of paying a rate of about $20/hour. This is negotiable, of course, especially if you are highly experienced.

I can pay via PayPal for sure (that's how I've done it in the past), and I should be able to pay via Bitcoin or a wire transfer. I am willing to discuss other methods of payment.

Contact Information

You can contact me by sending an email to the following email address:

at this point, you'd better have them redone from scratch

Why would you say that?

UPDATE: The job's been done.

A few years ago, someone underwent the task of finding libre replacements for the illegally used original graphics of a game called Project: Starfighter. Overall, I think they did a great job, but the character portraits are the one area where the quality is a bit questionable. I'll demonstrate by showing the line-up of the characters:

As you can see, the portraits are well-drawn, but they all look pretty much the same. Same facial features, and the same stoic expression. This is largely because all of these portraits are based on a common template. For reference, they actually come from these packs:


So I'm offering a commission to improve on these faces a bit. Nothing too crazy, just some minor changes that make them look more like they're different people with facial expressions that represent their personalities. A grin here, a different chin shape there, etc.

I'm willing to offer $10 for each character, which would add up to $70 if one were to do all of them. I can pay via Paypal for sure, probably via bitcoin (it's new to me, but I have a bitcoin wallet program installed and have a general idea of how to use it), and possibly via other methods if neither of these is suitable.

Please note that I am only offering to pay for work licensed under a libre culture license. This means, in a nutshell, you attach a license to the work which grants anyone who receives it the freedom to copy and redistribute both modified and unmodified forms of your work, both commercially and non-commercially, whenever they want and to whomever they want. In this case, you should probably use either the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY), or the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (CC BY-SA). For the record, no other Creative Commons license is acceptable; CC BY and CC BY-SA are the only libre culture ones.

To do this work, you will need to understand what sorts of characters these are. To get the best idea, you might want to play Project: Starfighter; you can get a copy here:

However, if you are unwilling or unable to play the game, here are some brief descriptions of and quotes from each of the characters, from left to right (SPOILERS ahead):

Chris Bainfield

The player's character.

Chris is quite stoic and really has no discernible character traits. Since it's the main character, I don't think this is especially problematic (players can just use him as a blank slate to represent themselves), but if you want to give his portrait a look that suggests a more well-defined personality, I will gladly accept that and make adjustments to the game's dialog to match.

- "I'm getting too close my the my rendezvous point. If I don't shake these guys soon then everything could be over before it begins!"
-"I don't think we can help, it would attract far too much attention."
- "Still, we should investigate. Too many people have died as a result of that blasted corporation!"
- "I didn't come this far to lose now, Kethlan!"

Sid Wilson

Chris's friend. He tells the player about all kinds of information, basically does the planning, and also tends to be the voice of reason. Also seems to be some kind of expert in a relevant technology.

Like Chris, Sid is quite stoic and really has no discernible character traits. If you want to give his portrait a look that suggests a more well-defined personality, I will gladly accept that and make adjustments to the game's dialog to match. This is not required, though.

- "We need to get hold of those pods to save some lives!"
- "We're all counting on you, Chris! But just remember - They didn't call that thing "Star Killer" just because it sounded nice!"
- "Chris, our mission is to save lives."
- "No, even if we manage to find them in all that space, they'll probably be too heavily damaged to be of any use."
- "It'll work, but I don't like the look of it either."

Phoebe Lexx and Ursula Lexx

Two allies gained during the game. They are sisters and say mostly the same things. Both of them frequently brag about their kill counts and poke fun at each other for the other's kill count. Phoebe demonstrates a tendency toward recklessness as well. It's worth noting that Ursula is under a sort of mind-control when you first see her, and the same portrait is used for that as when she is later released from it.

- "You ain't so tough!"
- "Kicked your ass!"
- "Hey Phoebe, you asleep over there?!"
- "I'm catching up with you, Ursula!"
- "What are you doing?! Shoot THEM!"
- "Get out of the way!"


Just an NPC you need to rescue. He is only seen once, and everything he says is announcing the problems he's having with his ship and asking for help.

Krass Tyler

A mercenary; he basically serves as an antihero. He is the one who supplied you with your ship (he stole it for you), and he also does other jobs for you, for the right fee. Later on, he is offered a large sum of money (apparently $90,000,000) by WEAPCO (the game's antagonists) to kill Chris, and he accepts it.

I definitely think this character should have a grin on his face.

- "I know, but you will still owe me money for the Firefly. Do this job, and also collect $500, and we will call it quits. And if you die... Well, I guess the ship was not worth stealing! HA HA HA!!"
- "Sure, I can help you out, boy. But I'll be needing my fee..."
- "Keep those things off my back or it'll cost you extra!!!"
- "I'm a mercenary, what do you expect?! WEAPCO hired me to do a job, just like you have been doing."
- "That was the easiest $90,000,000 I've ever earned! Bwwah!! Ha!! Ha!! Ha!!"

Kline Kethlan

The big boss, basically (he actually isn't, but "the Emperor" is never seen in the game). He seems to enjoy combat, and your first meeting with him is him briefly testing Chris's abilities before running away (you can tell this is what he was doing because he still has most of his shield left when he leaves).

- "Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and no one to help you! This will certainly be interesting..."
- "Seems I underestimated you, Bainfield. We'll meet again!"
- "Very good, Bainfield. Now let's get a little more serious..."
- "How very disappointing..."
- "Heroic. And stupid."
- "And now you're nothing but a DEAD hero."
- "It was an honor... to have fought you..."

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