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Available for work again ( and here's a pixel tile set I've created recently:

And here it is put together in a simple scene:


My name's Harry. I do 8-bit game art in Photoshop and Vector are in Illustrator. I'm available for paid work and give very reasonable rates -
I've been freelancing as a vector artist/graphic designer for a couple of years and have references to that effect, but I'm working on a pixel art game with an 8-bit style and have come to love it. The game I'm working on is all set in one environment - lots and lots of snow and it's driving me slightly mental. So here's a couple of backgrounds I made just to make something different:

Here are some pixel portraits:

Different character styles:

A screenie from the point and click game I'm making (inside a crashed plane, so, not snow!):

Fuller portfolio found here and some lovely snowy mountains:

email me!

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