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Hey everybody,

First of all, this community looks awesome! Really happy I found it.

I run an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) promotion channel on YouTube/SoundCloud called Argofox, which is currently reaching 500,000 viewers/month:

To quickly summarize, I promote (and sometimes release) Creative Commons-licensed royalty-free music downloads for YouTube creators and Twitch streamers to avoid copyright strikes and third party claims.

A friend recently designed a pixel art version of my logo for April Fools:

Surprisingly enough, it seems a good chunk of my followers preferred it so I'm exploring a full re-brand. It'd basically involve a new logo, social media assets and video template (which I can have another designer take care of if you're not versed with After Effects). I'm flexible in terms of your location and level of experience, especially since this is a relatively straightforward project.

Assuming I'm not oversimplifying the time requirements of the project, I'm willing to pay $20/hr. If you could provide a rough estimate of the number of hours it would take prior to starting the project, that would be great!

Please contact me via email to chat further.



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