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Hey everyone.
I am looking for an artist that does pixel art and wants to work on a small project.

Let's get to business:
Project budget:700 USD, can talk about price
Time-frame: 1 week preferable, 2 weeks max

The art is supposed to be 2D (pixel art or other) with a slightly tilted view, kinda like

I am gonna need several skins for the player (8 including standard player) as well as some minor animations like the player moving forward or sideways (3-4 frames per animation). Excluding the animations for the player I am gonna need about 3 more simple animations(camera flashes and a spinning coin might need around 10 frames here as well as an idle animation for the opponent). Also there is going to be one or two types of opponent and a background.

Furthermore I require UI elements (a pause menu, game over screen, a shop and the start menu) as well as an app icon and a splash screen.

We are gonna need the assets in 3 resolutions except the splash screen, background and app icon those we are gonna need in 6 resolutions.

So if I peaked your interest email me and add me on Skype, the faster the better :)
Skype: the.dot09

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