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Job offers / Re: [PAID] Seeking Character & Effects Pixel Animator
« on: August 11, 2018, 12:41:03 am »
Hi, I'm interested in your project but I want to know if you have time goals you want to make then I wont be good for your team.

My email is

Timelines are flexible, as long as content is consistent. :)

Job offers / [closed] Seeking Character & Effects Pixel Animator
« on: August 10, 2018, 09:35:45 am »
Hello all!

Mono here, I'm part of a small dedicated team at Soul Forge. We're currently working on a dark fantasy action game. It is reminiscent of the "doom style", meaning the environment is 3D, but characters are 2D sprites. Remember Daggerfall?  :P

We're looking for a passionate pixel pusher who'd love to dip into our lore filled world, helping to shape the dark and eerie, yet fantastical aesthetic with their style. Strong color-game is a plus!

~The Workload~
* Up to 15 unique animated creatures, each potentially including: walk animation, attack animation, hit frame & death frame.
* Magic and special effects, such as lightning & fire animations, hit impacts, etc.
* A handful of small tilesets for floors / walls / ceilings, misc props, etc.

** Base unit (tile) size is 32x32. For characters, this represents one meter; meaning human chars may be up to 64px tall. A few large monsters may even peak at 128px tall. Please be comfortable & consistent at these resolutions! <3
(Note: Crisp expressive styles may be fine at half-size.)

Payment: PayPal in full, paid per "asset pack".

Got the skills, love, and time to commit for the project? Contact me through an option below.
Please include a portfolio or examples of your work.
Including your rates and an estimate is also helpful!

Email: logan[at]
Twitter: @MonoForge

Job offers / [CLOSED] Seeking Adept 2D Sprite Animator
« on: January 28, 2015, 01:22:22 am »
Edit: Thanks to everyone that applied! Spots have been filled.


I'm Mono, an experienced indie developer at SoulForge. You can see my previous work here.
Currently looking for a passionate individual to create a fleshed out character sprite for our next project.

Game is in the style of a dark 2D Metroidvania (sidescrolling platformer). Minimal shading is necessary, as the game has its own lighting engine.
The primary focus is 'meaty' animations that make the character come alive in the world with a feeling of weight.

Resolution: Between 32x32 - 128x128 (smaller is better).

Idle / jog / sprint, 4-8F each.
Jump / fall, 2F each.
Dodge roll, 3-6F.
4 hit combo melee, 2-4F per hit.
Two spellcasting styles, one short 3-4F, one long 6-8F.

Optional below (quote separate please):
Slide on quick turns aka deceleration, 2F.
Rope / wall climb, 3-4F.
Ledge grab, 2-3F.
Hit recoil, 1-2F.

All frame counts are a rough estimate. Lots of wiggle room!

Skytorn's heroine is a superb example of what I'm looking for.  [1, 2, 3]
The Momodora series has a fantastic style and animation as well!  [1, 2, 3]
The old DOS Prince of Persia games also showcase fluidity very nicely.  [1]

Payment: PayPal in full, please contact me with a quote.

If you believe you have skills, time, and passion to be part of the deep lore filled world, contact me with a link below.
Please include a portfolio or examples of your work.

Email: acisev[at]live
Twitter: @MonoForge

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