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I'd like to take a second to clear things up real quick.

First of all, I've already paid for samples from several artists, and am waiting for email confirmation for PayPal from several more. Unfortunately, I'm not in the financial position where I can pay for sample work from every single artist that inquires about work, and so I try to restrict paid samples to artists that I feel would be an outstanding fit for the project. Whether or not an artist is willing to demonstrate their fit for a large project in situations where I can't justify paying them for samples is a decision that I leave up to them. I'm never going to turn down someone who wants to take a shot at the work, even if they're unproven. Otherwise, I'd just feel like some terrible HR manager that screens candidates based on tenths of GPA points or some other equally arbitrary factor. I would also never use any work provided by an artist without agreement from them and compensation to them.

What happened here was that Becca asked a rate for sample work that I couldn't justify paying, and instead of a curt "no", I made the poor choice of saying why. As I've said to her multiple times at this point, Becca's a good artist. But, I didn't feel that her rates were all that viable with the amount of quality artists out there. For $40-50 per hour, for example, I would expect something like this over this. Or, how $550 for this is hard to justify compared to prices like this. I only said something because I thought that she was a talented artist who was limiting her options at her price point. I tried very hard to make it clear that I wasn't trying to be rude and meant no offense, that I was only offering some advice from a prospective buyer's perspective, but that didn't work out.

I admit that I was wrong to provide unsolicited advice to someone about their business, and Becca, once again, I apologize for offending you.  The absolute last thing I wanted to do was make this public, and would be glad for the chance to take this post down. If anyone has any other questions, please email me at the address listed in the OP.

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for an artist or group of artists for an upcoming RPG project, Days of Ruin. This is paid work, with compensation based on the quality of your output and the scale provided by Cyangmou at References and/or work history on released projects would be a big plus, but aren't necessary.

The game is an RPG that primarily takes its inspiration from the Ogre Battle series and SNES-era Final Fantasys, particularly Final Fantasy VI. Essentially, it combines the Ogre Battle series' RTS-lite battle map mechanics with the "town level" interaction and turn-based battle system of more traditional RPGs.

To vastly oversimplify things, the aim for the game aesthetically is to take its cues from Chrono Trigger, but with the more "realistic" tone of something like a Matsuno game such as Ogre Battle/Final Fantasy Tactics/Tactics Ogre. Here's a list of the work I currently need completed, with examples/samples:

- 6-12 ~30x40 base character sprites, some for generic units based on a standard model, some from scratch for unique characters.

- 1-2 "town level" tilesets

- 1 world map/overworld tileset

- 4-10 150x150 character portraits (examples below are only 128x128)

- Character animations - run, attack, cast, etc. - number dependent on character, quality of animation, number of sprites, etc.

- 1-2 640x360 JRPG-style battle backgrounds

- 2 ~ 640x360 ‘set pieces’ - unique environments meant for cutscenes

All existing art will need to be redone, eventually. This is only the first round of work I need done, so the job is likely to expand a great deal in the future.

If you think you would be a good fit for the project, feel free to contact me at In the interest of speeding the process along, if you have any work that you think would show you as a particularly good fit for this project, please send it along with your email. If you don't, unless you're proven in a style approximate to what I'm looking for I'll likely ask for a small sample piece related to the work you want to do.



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