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Please vote for the graphics from Out Of Compo 2017:
This year we have 10 ZX Spectrum screens in standard, gigascreen and CHR$ formats and 10 53colors screens. As it was in previous year, the compo theme is erotic. Most images are NSFW, so I'm not posting them here, but generally no porn was allowed.

The voting will end 26.11.2017 15:00, please, we need your opinions and votes.

General Discussion / Re: ZX-Art graphics updates
« on: August 31, 2017, 07:43:06 pm »
ZX-Spectrum works from Chaos Constructions 2017

General graphics compo

Party-related works

Realtime graphics

Main graphics compo

Party-related works

Realtime graphics

Out of compo

53c realtime graphics (attributes)

Realtime music

Awakening by Quiet - mp3
Deep Sleep for 35 minutes by splin7er - mp3
Lullaby for a deep sleep by garvalf - mp3

Beeper music compo

Black Roses Will Blossom by UTZ
Road song by aturbidflow
La chanson du vent by garvalf

AY music compo

Happy Chaos by MmcM - mp3
Never Give Up by Quiet - mp3
PAY to mr.SID by Mic - mp3
Welcome to the pop by Ahim - mp3
Irregular Circuts by ejkot - mp3
groove blaster '96 by gotoandzlew - mp3
Farewell by Scalesmann - mp3
Duck you, Social Networks! by aturbidflow - mp3
Воспоминание by garvalf - mp3

Sorry for an inconvenience, 53c compo start only now and will have a different compo theme. 53colors theme is "Robots will survive, and we won't".
Deadline for 53c is in 1:40 hours, 18:00 MSK (15:00 UTC).

You can draw it online in, submission button is there as well.

All compos theme is "Deep sleep"

I would like to remind once again, that realtime competitions will start on this saturday at 10:30 AM UTC (13:30 MSK). I will do everything possible to post all compo themes here, apart from announcement on official website.
Just for any case, I would like to mention that this year it is obligatory to send 2-3 stage screenshots for graphics, that work should be original, not copy or overdraw, and it shouldnít use even parts of other authors works.
It seems like this year there will be many participants - I hope that it will be true :) Once again, if you feel that realtime music or graphics seem to be too complicated, you can always try your skills in 53c compo.
Good luck everybody! I wish you to get as much fun from participation as possible.

The biggest russian demoparty Chaos Constructions will take place 27-28 august at Saint Petersburg, a big part of which will be dedicated to our beloved ZX Spectrum. There will be not only the home-made full scale competitions, but also some really curios contests - ZX Spectrum Realtime Graphics and ZX Spectrum Realtime Music.
I would like to invite everybody to try and participate in this rather unusual competition.

What are the rules of Realtime compo?

Just before the start of the contest, a theme will be announced. I will do my best to copy it here into the comments, so nobody would have missed it. Time of work completion is 2.5 hours, so the competition wonít take too much time from you. Compo start 27 august 2016 at 13:30 MSK (10:30 AM UTC), so at that very moment a theme will be announced.

Graphic compo entries should be original, which means that copying other authors to ZX Spectrum is not allowed. Using conversion and internet materials is not allowed as well. Please also submit 3-4 work-in-progress screenshots, so the entry will not disqualified into Out of Compo in case of doubts.

Music compo entries should also be original, any works for AY/YM or 6 Channel Turbo Sound (2xAY) are accepted. A tune should be compiled to be used from address #c000, maximum playing time is 3 minutes, which should be really enough, considering the fact that yet they have to be composed in less than 3 hours. Channels layout will be ABC.

There is one more realtime competition most relevant to ZX Spectrum - itís a Realtime 53 Colors Attribute Graphics compo. This is the easiest and quicket way to participate.You can draw the image directly in browser, and a usual ZX48 .tap file will be generated and submitted automatically.

You can read more details about competition rules on official website of this computer art festival.

Why should I participate?
Realtime graphics and music are somehow different from usual GFX/Music contests.
  • First of all, realtime is a lot, lot of fun. Itís a passion and excitement.
  • You donít have to be a serious professional to gain a nice result
  • A good idea can easily beat good technics in this compo.
  • All entries will be demonstrated to festival visitors on a large screen, a lot of spectrum fans will see them, using online translation as well.
  • After the end of the demoparty the submitted entries will not disappear in vain, but will be posted to ZX-Art and all major ZX Spectrum web resources.
  • Participating will take only pair of hours, but emotional payoff will be colossal.
  • Realtime compos teach the skill of quick and effective working, which is indispensable for hobby projects.
What do I need to do to participate?

  • Please register at the website of festival. Registering in the last minute before deadline is usually a bad idea :)
  • Ensure that you software is installed and ready to use (no matter native ZX or PC emulators)
  • Come here 27.08 at 13:30 MSK (10:30 AM UTC) to get a competition theme. It will be surely also posted on official website.
  • Get some real fun in process of drawing/composing and keep track of time.
  • In 5 minutes before the deadline submit your entry to official website. Deadline is at 16:00 MSK (1:00 PM UTC)
  • Relax and take a look at online translation. The results will be posted on official website 28.08 after the voting on party place.
Some realtime entries of past years


53 colors (from other parties):

So, I invite everybody, who has a pair of hours of spare time on saturday 27.08, to join and participate. You donít have to be professional to get a lot of fun from participation, we will be really glad to see everyone.
Me and Vassa will be taking a part in competition directly from a party place, using laptop and tablet. I will be glad to answer any questions, help to register and run the required software.

General Discussion / Re: ZX-Art graphics updates
« on: March 05, 2016, 12:34:30 pm »
This forum is really for low spec non-pixel art.
So you could ask a mod to move this somewhere more appropriate.
Thanks for noticing! I'll take a look for moderator ASAP, so the topic could be moved to more appropriate place.
I'm also glad that pixelation has got a new look, the new forum is way better.

Graphics/music from DiHalt Lite 2016:

Graphics/music from ZX Enhanced compo 2016:

More than 40 restored images from Microhobby Pixel A Pixel have been added.

The main restoration work has been done by Maria Veide. Without her help this project would have virtually stopped.

General Discussion / Re: ZX-Art graphics updates
« on: December 16, 2015, 09:31:42 pm »
Thank you! I've started to fear that I'm posting to a wrong section of a forum :)
There are many things happening on ZX-Art really, so I'm posting here only really significant notifications. I'll also be really pleased to tell more about modern ZX-Spectrum pixel art scene if anybody has any particular questions. It's a real part of pixelation history, anyway, and it's been actively developed for more than 30 years already.

Music and graphics from Artfield 2015

A large update of Microhobby Pixel A Pixel restoration, more than 50 unseen restored images are uploaded to compo pages:

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