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Pixel Art / Re: (wip) Kindergarten teacher (c+c)
« on: December 17, 2014, 04:46:46 am »
That was what i was going to do:) gamewise it could work.. I am thinking that a game based on this charakter could be a stealth/ pussle game. If he is falling down every time he shoots, that would make shooting a rare thing. It would be a last resort og sorts..

Edit: i am having trouble creating a shooting stance.. I have two options as i see it. On one side i can use the idle stance and work from that or i can try to draw something new.

I have played around with option two, but i make him too girly every time. I am afraid to take it too far and destroy his atmosphere.

Hopefully i can make it happen and get somethibg great out of this guy..

Pixel Art / Re: (wip) Kindergarten teacher (c+c)
« on: December 16, 2014, 12:28:31 pm »
Then he must be very unique :) I want to make a shooting animation with him shooting. I imagine that his body cant handle the power og the gun and that he moves backward when firering!

Pixel Art / Re: (wip) Kindergarten teacher (c+c)
« on: December 16, 2014, 05:18:36 am »
I am aware that all the things you just pointed out is true. I really dont like to follow rules and i really lever go for realism. The walk cycle i made for the other guy may be more natural, but the angle and style makes it unatural in the end anyway. I do realise that the proper thing to do is to learn to do it the right way first, but it really doesnt interest me that much.

How do you make him run like that? Just copy the frames with space between them?

Right now i really like the style of the run and dont want to change it. When i look at it i am thinking "that guy is used to run on the moon". I dont know the story behind him yet, but he have been in space most of his life. That is why he dont know how to run the right way:)

At some point in time i am going to make a run cycle for the other guy. It is problaly not going to follow any rules other then what i think looks funny. After that i would like to try to make  a new character with the purpose to study real body movement!

Pixel Art / Re: (wip) Kindergarten teacher (c+c)
« on: December 15, 2014, 05:50:31 am »
I like that you use the word "quirky". I wanted to use that word my self, but i didnt think about it earlier:) you are right about both the secund high point and the fact that he isnt in the air at any point. That is going to be my next goal!

If this thing ever becomes a game the kindergarden teacher could "transform" in to the astronaut in some storytelling mode. I would like to illustrate what working with children takes and what a healty fantasy can do in this inviroment.

I tried to work on the run cycle for the astronaut. i cant get my head around peaking at the right places.. the legs is still rough, but this is more of a "is this better?" thing..


i think that the breathing i have tried to put in to the animation is giving the impression that he is peaking at one point and not the other, but he is highest when he is in mid air.

Pixel Art / Re: (wip) Kindergarten teacher (c+c)
« on: December 14, 2014, 08:19:43 am »
i tried another character.

Is this better as a idle stance? Just to get a better understanding of breathing!

NaCI: i got the imeression that my guy was dragging his feet? Do you find the animation accepteble? I have tried to chance the walking animation, but i find it difficult to make any changes that would work better as it is.. And yes it its my first animation :)

this is what i got so far:


i have rotated the lower right (from the characters view) leg a little in the faward motion and i have filled some of the space between the body and the arm to make it look better.

New idle stance:


I have played around with the tie to try to simulate breathing.

Tried to make a run animation for the astronaut:

I tried to make it cartoony. My goal is to learn how to move the legs, so I havent worked so much on the rest of the body. the movement is rough, but the general movement is there i think. At the moment the gif is only four images long, but i plan to make at least three more.

Pixel Art / Re: (wip) Kindergarten teacher (c+c)
« on: December 13, 2014, 02:28:52 pm »
Found the problem! or got it to work anyway :)

I also found some old stuff i made a long time ago in photoshop:

Maybe i should combine the two?

Pixel Art / Re: (wip) Kindergarten teacher (c+c)
« on: December 13, 2014, 06:13:44 am »
Thanks for the feedback:) i didnt think about breathing when i made the idle stance, but i get that it is strange that he is breathing with his legs!

I have a really hård time with his legs. Would it be easier to start from scratch or to try to repair the damage?

As it is now i have five frames in the walking GIF. Do i need more?

I am using graphicsgale and i cant get the onion layer thing to work. Can someone direct me to some help og give it here?

I am fighing the urge to use google translate on this forum. Hope you get what im trying to say without it.

Edit: yes it is part og the style (if you can call it that at the moment!) that he dosent have a neck. I like that he is square and i want the most og the movement ind his legs and arms.

I can change his hair. Does it have to be square too?

I tried to make his arms swing more away from his body, but it made him look "wrong" somehow. I can give it another try tho:)

I just tried some new hair:

Would that go better with the square body?

New idle stance:

Pixel Art / (wip) Kindergarten teacher (c+c) plus astronaut
« on: December 12, 2014, 07:03:06 pm »

Hey all! Just found your forum and got excited!

I really dont know what im doing, but i am proud!

The goal is to make a jump and run animation, but i want to know if it is a good start or if there is some big mistakes i havent seen.

It would be cool to make a game, but right now its just fun :)

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