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Job offers / [PAID/FREE] Horror Game artist needed!
« on: October 26, 2014, 05:39:39 pm »
I'm a Indie Game developer from the United States. I've been making games for about 6 years now. Though, I can make games, I can't make art. I need an artist desperately. I used to have an artist but recently we had a falling out and I don't really want to work with him on another project.

I'm looking for someone who can make atmospheric and realistic pixel art for a 2D horror experience. The game's basic idea is to bestow paranoia into the player. You are being followed the entire game, constantly having to travel to the right away from what is following you. As you walk though you get tired and you need to rest, or find food or water. Along with that you could also scavenge for supplies. Basically it's a survival horror, but a narrative mixed in. Towards the end you reach a cliff where you can't keep running and you have to face your fears. And from there, the comic relief kicks as you find out, it wasn't anything dangerous at all, just a (Non-Dangerous animal, Snail? IDK)

My shabby developer art just wouldn't convey the message for this game. I need some real atmospheric art. And not only that but I don't only plan on making this game, as I've made many games before, but I'd like to form a new partnership with an artist to begin making games as a team. So if you would also want to join a team a response would be appreciated!

Now I wouldn't normally ask for an artist because I don't make a steady income as of now so I can't assure that you will be a paid an exact amount and you wouldn't be paid until the game is released and has made a bit of money. We can talk prices later.

Email me at:

or just reply to the post if you are interested!  ;D Have a nice day!

My GameJolt account: (Not Used Anymore, posted to show other games I've made (I've made more games than this but these are my most recent)(Art is lacking, but I wouldn't be asking for an artist if it wasn't now would I?))

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