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Job offers / Re: [CLOSED] [PAID] top-down 2D medieval-themed sprites
« on: October 10, 2014, 03:16:48 am »
Thank you to those that applied. No more applicants needed at this time.

Job offers / [CLOSED] [PAID] top-down 2D medieval-themed sprites
« on: October 09, 2014, 08:03:23 pm »
I am independent developer working on a battle-sim game and require several small sprites done. I am willing to pay $20/hr - or if the work can be done very quickly a flat rate per completed spritesheet may be more fair. I am starting at a lower figure, since I have no clue the number of hours that goes into work like this.

As for details - the sprites are top-down. I've included several images from other games to give an example of the perspective. The game has no established art style, I'm leaving that up to the artist.

The setting is medieval - soldier, spearman, archer, various monsters. Up to 10 characters total, depending on the cost.

Each sprite would require the following:
  • Walking animation (only 1 needed, since the perspective is top down)
  • Attack animation (swinging a sword, thrusting a spear, etc)
  • Idle animation (simple breathing or whatever when they are standing still)
  • 2 death animations (a "simple" death where they they are bleeding a bit on the ground, and a more gruesome where they are crushed. I don't even know if these need to be animations. Probably 1 frame will do?)

These should be small, since there is the possibility of 100s on the screen at one time. Probably around 20x20 pixels although anything up to 64pixels would be fine (whatever is easier, and will look best when scaled down). I am not looking for intricate detail, just simple/clarity. The animations should not require many frames.

Example top-down sprites:

A screenshot from my game engine, to give you an idea of the number of units (note: the size of the units is not strict. They could be somewhat larger or smaller).

I have removed my own art, since I would prefer the artist establish the style and not be influenced my programmar art.

blinksys at gmail dot com

I will also be checking these forums regularly.

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