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Kirby, how is your game coming along?

Well, I don't have a fancy video to show off yet but I can show you some screen shots of what it's looking like so far!

So I'll walk you through this.  When you get into the fight, if you have this interface turned on, they won't say their opening line before the battle screen, but there in the start of the battle.  It will first show your name and the enemy trainer's name, and then the name panels will slide out to the sides and be replaced by the panels with the pokemon count.  You'll both send out your pokemon (no animation done yet) and then the letterboxing 'closes in' and the screen shifts up one tile to make room for the more detailed interface.  When you pick your attack, the letterboxing 'opens up' again and it only shows the health bar and status of the defending pokemon.

Ryumaru: Thanks so much! =)  With a couple more hours put in, I've recreated Viridian in all of its glory, and added in NPCs to make the world start to feel more alive.

Pokeglitch: That I am!  The only thing between me and the lines of code is my trusty keyboard.

I can't begin to tell you all what wonderful people you are.

I don't know what possessed me to wander haplessly into this forum and stumble upon this topic, but seeing all this has inspired me, and motivated me to try my hand at programming again.  In two hours, I have made a picture-perfect replica of Pallet Town and Route 1, all basic functions of the game save for Pokemon encounters intact.

My time these days is extremely limited, so I don't know how fast I'll be able to work on this little pet project, but should I get farther along in it, perhaps I could work with some of you to allow for in-game interface swapping to one of these masterpieces you've designed.  It will already be incredibly easy to work with you all as it is, since you obviously understand how tiles work.

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