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Pixel Art / Re: [WIP]Character (Feedback and Help please)
« on: February 28, 2014, 07:36:11 pm »
The exclamation bubble doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the characters very well. Maybe you could try outlining it in a lighter shade, or shading it a bit?
Then again that might destroy the cartoonyness of the bubble or make it harder to see.

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: Night Shop
« on: February 27, 2014, 09:23:17 pm »
So, this is a terrible edit, but here's some thoughts I had while looking through this post. What's annoying about this is that the brick texture has to be fairly side-to-side since it's pixel art, but that makes it hard to tell when the wall is flat with the camera or at some angle. The part that's being confusing looks like its flat with the camera due to the texture, and since the light from the current light source is moving through the wall, the wall must be behind what seem to be stilts holding up the roof of the porch. But farther to the right, the image establishes that the wall is inline with the stilts, which are angled with the camera and headed away from the viewer.

So I'm looking at a wall that's facing me and also angled to me depending on where in the image I look.

Truth be told, this is an amazing piece of art and you could stop working on it now if you wanted to. It would probably have the effect you want.

Pixel Art / Re: All my pixel art :)
« on: February 27, 2014, 03:52:29 pm »
The American flag is backwards on the invader post, btw. The glitchy look on that one is really cool, though.

The tail of your green t-rex looks like its flipping me the bird.

Well, I'm not liking it currently, but I'm not hating it, and I think it could be a good direction to go.
  • It really does look more like pixel art when I'm not using a billion colors. I really like the low-rez feeling.
  • It looks clearer at a small size when it has more contrast, and contrast is easier with less colors to choose.
  • I can't find the colors I want; the mood I wanted is getting lost. There doesn't seem to be a happy medium between destroying the colors of the bark or destroying the colors of the tree.
  • The image seems to be flatter. I might be able to fix that when I work through my other ideas, but right now it looks like I've stamped it down a bit.

I'm not really sure where to go from here. I have several things I could try and I'm not sure which ones I want to do.

Coltrane: I LOVE that rock texture + the back lighting. I'm gonna see if I can work that into the piece when I get back to work. I could knock the color load down to 16 colors, but my aim isn't to restrict unless it adds to the statement, and I think that might be too far of a restriction in this case. Never-the-less, I'll see if I can give 16 colors and the palette change a try to see if I can really get the low-res nostalgia feel without detracting from the warm, cross-processed feel of the original. I really like your edit, but I think the mood of the colors is getting away from the mood I wanted to portray with this piece.

Cels: You're absolutely right about the tree touching the edge and it's been bothering me this entire time, but I'm planning on using this piece differently once I'm done with it, so I haven't bothered to scootch it out a few pixels (It's a square, so scootching the sides means scootching the top or bottom). So, I guess the exception is that the current frame isn't the final frame. I should probably fix it before I get too much farther, but I'm a lazy goober who's too excited about the progress to worry about it :blind:.

As for the weird why-is-the-tree-slightly-right-and-the-dirt-slightly-left thing that led to the bad framing, I intended on making it off-balance to make the viewer feel put off a bit and make it a bit organic. Technically, there wouldn't be a tree suspended on a tiny patch of dirt in the sky, but if there were, I doubt it would be centered very well. It's driving me insane, though, because if I center the whole thing, the tree isn't centered and the dirt isn't centered. I sort of have to choose one or the other or neither, never both. I really do think it portrays some sort of feeling I want the audience to feel, though, so I'm probably not going to reposition the tree compared to the dirt. If that makes you uncomfortable, then it does what I want, see?

Here's an example of an idea I had that I worked on before I saw the above comments (so none of them are incorporated). I have more ideas like this that I want to try, especially with the font and size. I'll use the feedback from these last couple comments before I get into those, though.


Alrighty. This should be the correct quality, unless I'm not anticipating something. The "OLD" tag shows everything from the previous updates. The "NEW" tag is everything I've added since the last post.

Some things:
-I like the reshaded grass, but I'm no longer sure about texture. I don't think I liked it too much in the first place anyway.
-I had Photoshop auto-lock me down to 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 colors for some testing. 64 colors made no change because I'm using less colors. 32 colors didn't make too much of a difference while getting rid of a few colors. I might aim to get rid of some of those colors. 16 colors changed a lot, but looked very interesting, so I might consider dropping lots of colors. 2 colors in gray scale gave an interesting silhouette. Pictures below.
-The clouds behind the tree look very flat all of a sudden, so I want to re texture them in a similar fashion to the rest of the background.
-Thank you guys a lot for helping me with the leaves. They look bunches better. I still want to get some forms in there that look more like leaves than strands of hay. Towards the bottom and (our) right side, I sort of lost the inspiration and did random blotches again, so I've got that to fix.
-I think I'll keep trying edits until I either give up or feel fairly satisfied with it as a whole (which I really do already, but I think it still has a good bit of improvement to go through.) Either I'll start working on adding the words in there again, or I'll wait and do that when I get out of the pixel art world. I'd like to try throwing the pixel art back into a digital art style and see what I can get from it
-I thought about adding grass hanging down the rocks, but with a small amount of space, I worried it might be more cluttering than anything.
-I'm posting this in a 1:1 ratio, but I've been viewing it as a 1:3 or 1:4 ratio. The final image will be a blown up version.

EDIT: forgot to add this picture
top left, 64 colors (current)
top right, 32 colors (color table is shown to the right)
bottom left, 16 colors
bottom right, 2 colors in grayscale

I think my issue is file-sharing. ive tried a few things and nothing is keeping the file at the quality my computer has. I'm giving imgur a try with my latest .gif file of the progress I've made.

some notes:
-im making this update from my phone =|
-colors are in the high 40's, and they should be going down from there.
-I'll go get Graphics Gale and see what it can do for me, but Photoshop isn't actually compressing the .gif and .png files I've made. That's a file-sharing issue.
-I'm still working on the leaves and grass. I'm not sure what work to do on the dirt and sky, if there are still some problems with that.
-I might do a pallate change, even though i like the colors being used.
-the update is a .jpeg with animation even though i uploaded a .gif? don no wat do

Ninja Update:
Used first google result to make a gif of the tree and how much I've updated it so far. Quality is crap on this .gif, but it's definitely getting MUCH better VERY quickly. Thanks for the advice guys! It's helping a ton!

Thanks for the input! I may not be able to post edits soon (I'm doing this at work in my free time) before I apply everything that's been said here.

astraldata: I think your right about the look I'm going for. I tried to hold down the color count, but I still wanted to get as many colors from the original piece in as possible. I did decide to omit those pinks and purples in the leaves of the original for the sake of clarity, and I might take out some of the extremely subtle shades of the clouds (I'm using RGB colors (219,207,154) and (214,202,151) and I don't know why.) but I guess color count isn't my biggest concern until I start ruining the "nostalgia"-esque feel.

Clusters! Should've thought about that earlier. I think I'll go through and try to stick to the "three pixels or more" rule of thumb, but I might also try to reduce the larger flat clusters. Some of that yellow looks like a yellow blanket covering the top of the tree. Is that a good idea?

I think the only limit I've got for canvas size is that, if this is a cover for an album, it should technically be square. If I need more room or a different shape, it just means that I'm changing the resolution to something that will fit in the square differently. The restriction on size to 110 pixels or so is useful for simplifying the art since I'm new to this and for giving it the "nostalgia" 8-bit kind of feel, plus the challenge is fun, so I think I'll continue working on it at this scale until I get it as good as I can, and then scale it up if I'm still unsatisfied. (Actually, when I'm done practicing on this, I've got an idea I might try that combines pixel art and other forms of illustration.)

Coltrane: Sorry about the .jpeg thing. I've got this saved as a .gif and .png on my computer, but imgur decided .jpeg was better.

The large-ass size was a bit overkill, but I wanted the piece to be seen at a larger ratio. That said, I've been zooming to 1:1, and I've got a 1:1 saved to my computer in .gif and .png just to see if it still works on that level. Since it is pixel art, I'd like to look good as pixel art. I already fixed those random pixels in the clouds and I'm looking at how to fix that wet, slimy look of the dirt. Actually, there are a lot of lighting inconsistencies in this that came from me looking at the old pieces and trying to copy them. Thanks for pointing them out with an image. I might not have noticed otherwise =|

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#169 - Floating Island
« on: February 12, 2014, 08:14:56 pm »
I'm a noob on all levels here, so apologies upfront.
I've been developing a piece of art for a music project called "Through the Earth" and I've gone through several redesigns of the same idea. After reading a little about pixel art (the first page of Google results for "pixel art tutorial") I thought I'd give it a shot.

I sort of like the sky, land, and trunk, but I can't begin to figure out the leaves. It sort of looks like a barf tree. I'm considering scaling up the resolution to make creating small leave shapes easier and to give me the ability to write the name in better, but I'd lose to low-res feel to the land and trunk.

I'm posting it here for two reasons. One, you guys are good at helping with this kind of thing. Two, its the first time I've done pixel art, so I'm wondering how it went.

If it's okay, I'm posting the earlier artwork I did for this cover as a reference. Mostly, I'd like to recreate the text that I did for this in a pixel art style, but I haven't gotten past the leaves yet.
The only things I didn't create in this art are the tree and the sky background, both of which came from CGTextures.

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