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General Discussion / Re: Why do we still use pixel art nowadays ?
« on: January 14, 2014, 12:30:43 am »
Thanks for all the replies. :)

I've read them all, but I don't have the time right now to answer everyone !

'Later !

General Discussion / Re: Why do we still use pixel art nowadays ?
« on: January 13, 2014, 06:09:28 am »
Oh, cool to already have some replies. :]

@ Ashbad : I was just giving a rough idea with my music genre example, but what you said is exactly my point. About the nostalgia part, I guess the exposure to it and the fact that games had to be that way is kind of obligatory. Trying to create convincing piece with details in little dimensions was a point in one of Konjak's part of the text I think (I really have to find it with the other one). Thank you ! :)

@ Mr. Beast : Agreed on the limitation part. It's something I omitted in my little intro message, but definately a turning point. It's really the same as the music argument; you can create something similar without what was not possible at the time. On the bad pixelated games, I don't know. Sometimes it's just the overall style that can give this impression even if the realisation is good. For instance the game FEZ (which emulate pixel art without really being it) is often judged childish because of it's environnements and stuff ... Even if it's a fine adventure-puzzle game that still has mysteries unsolved as of today ... Childish, yeah. Something made like VVVVVV is just incomprehensible for an avid ''graphics matters'' gamer. Yes, they do, but it's not only realism that can create beautiful games. What is wrong or poorly executed in this game in term of art ? It's just minimalism and for a simple platformer like this, why would you need more. Thanks for that comment. And what got you into pixel art ?  :P

@ NaCl : The same point about limitation. :) Also, yes, obviously, I'm fine with pixel art and sprites when it's, let's say, ''appropriate''. Not that it can be inappropriate, but realism isn't exactly what every game wants to have. Nobody wants a Mario game with photorealistic elements and physics, what would be the point in doing that ? And I was talking about how my dad perceives this kind of thing and how he don't get why I still want to play to these games when I can have ''immersive'' (immersion is such a touchy subject in video games) realistic games ? It's just a different perception really. I get that people appreciate games like Skyrim because they feel real with touch of fantasy as if you were into an alternative reality, but that doesn't mean that every games have to be in that genre. I never tried the Oculus Rift but, what is the point of it with games that aren't first person ? To me, it's really just cutting any distraction rather than creating something immersive since it's basically the same experience as playing on a normal screen in those conditions ... But that's another debate.  ;D Thanks !

@ PixelPiledriver : Thank you for the welcome, I appreciate it ! Artistically, I guess this could be said about a lot of art form, but yes. There's that, the simple pleasure of it and the working method. Graphically, well, this could also be said about a lot of other form of data structuration. So I believe the whole point is again the method and appeal of it's effectiveness both artistically and graphically.  ;) Also, I'm asking because those things really interest me and I enjoy talking about it, as a partial time artist, it's great to heard from other artists as well. :]

@ cels : Yeah, I also enjoy these.
I also agree with NaCl on that part, but you just add the starting question; why would you work with pixel art in the first place ? And about the 3D games with pixel renders, isn't it what Minecraft is without the complexity of shapes and modeling ? The thing is that, I feel like this is more texturing than anything. I don't really see what you meant on that part; the same game with pixel art texture (pretty much what FEZ did) or the game rebuilt to be pixel art ? Anyway, agreed on the nostalgia bit, there's also a great part of appreciation in a genre/style about it. Thank you for your reply, I'm not quite sure about the last parts, but I'll come up with something. I'm thinking of chatting with a friend of mine that don't like pixel art to get more grounds. ^^

I'm done for now, I'm going to bed. :]

General Discussion / Why do we still use pixel art nowadays ?
« on: January 13, 2014, 01:22:06 am »
Hello, new guy here. :)
I pass here from time to time and always see good advices and critics from everyone and thought it was the perfect place to discuss that subject.

So, I'm asking this question since, for a large group of gamers, pixel art is irrelevant, outdated and a huge turnoff when it comes to video games graphics. Sometimes it's just a matter of preference instead of free thrashing, but it's also very criptic to explain and put it into words. Especially, with for example, my dad who is an occasional player and has seen the evolution of graphics over time, but without playing a lot of genres of games, of artistic realisations, etc.

My best way to explain it to those people is to say something like : ''Well it's kind of like music really. At some point there was classic and other genres that are now less popular, but are still a thing even with evolution of technology and instruments. These compositions are still enjoyable. ''

But really ... It's not only a nostalgia thing (or a budget and crew problem). There is more than the nostalgia.

I've read some articles by game devs and artists like Konjak and D-Pad Studio (creator of the future masterpiece Owlboy) and found them quite interesting ... I can't seem to find the links, but hey, I'll try harder if people are interest in 'em. :x

Yeah, so, why pixel art ? What d'you think ? What's your opinion about all this ?  :D

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