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Job offers / Searching for a Sprite Animator to join a future ORPG Project
« on: December 16, 2013, 04:10:29 am »
Hey there, I'm Laive, Lead Developer of a new project currently named Aesir.

We're currently looking for a Sprite Animator to join the development team.

But not just any sprite animator, rather we want an artist who will remain throughout the project and capture the essence of it in his artistic portrayal. The game will be enhanced and defined by the artwork and animation, hence we need an original and creative mind that will be able to not only produce excellent artwork, but to take part in the design process.

In essence, we will be creating an interesting new take on ORPGs and will be developing this experience on WebGL so that it will be easily accessible on all modern browsers. We feel we'll be aiming for a niche that has yet to be filled and there is a lot of promise in the idea.

What will you expect:-

- An equity from the project
- Working with a great bunch of guys who share a passion for gaming
- Being your own boss and making the project yours as much as it is ours
- Creating a career defining experience that will truly do your talent justice
- A guaranteed long term attachment

What we expect:-

- A damn cool bastard(ess)
- Passion and joy
- The ability to create high quality tilesheets and sprites with accompanying dynamic animation
- To respect the design process, follow a methodology and involve yourself in the general development of the world
- EXTRA: To be able to produce conceptual artwork
- EXTRA: To be a 1337 LoL player :)

Everyone involved in this project is doing it part-time, we're a group of indie devs and if you are interested, please contact me on these forums with the following information:

- Name, Age and Contact Details
- CV/and-or Portfolio
- Reason why you are interested in this project

Thank you, and I hope to speak to you soon!

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