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Pixel Art / Re: raptor run cycle
« on: August 28, 2014, 05:31:50 pm »
If you study birds and other predatory animals, you'll often notice their head, even during a full run, barely moves, even vertically. Sometimes they strangely seem to be floating independently of the rest of the entire body.

9_6 seems to have captured that a little bit, but I'd suggest taking it even further.

Thanks, I'll check it out~!

Hey guys,

Looking for a little help/tips/advice, in the way of how to charge for artwork in general... (in this case, I'm doing album artwork)

I'm looking for an opportunity to quit my lousy grocery store job, or go to part time to cover living expenses, and spend the rest of my work time doing digital illustration work.
I've got a few jobs lined up for some friends, and now that I've finished one of them, I'd really like to be able to talk with him about payment, and be confident.

He's not being pushy, and neither of us really know what the payment ought to be, so I said I'd do some research and get back to him.

So, what do you think is fair?
I probably spent 30 or so hours working on this painting, but I admit I'm not particularly quick at my work, so I don't know if I'd want to charge an hourly rate.
At the same time, the amount of time I worked on it, I feel a flat fee of a hundred bucks or so wouldn't really be enough to cover my expenses..  Part of the reason is that I have another friend who does art like crazy, but charges very low prices.. makes me feel like I need to be competitive or that I'm valuing my work at too high a level..  I really don't know what I ought to be charging, and thought I should ask some of you in here, who have had some experience in selling their work, or at least may know more about it.

This may be unusual, I don't know, but what's a normal residual percentage for a product? I'd be more willing to accept a low, or even nonexistent upfront payment if I could get a percentage based residual income on it.  3 percent per album sold?  5 percent?  10 percent or more?  I don't want to charge too much.

What do you guys charge?  Are there any basic legal matters I should consider?

Anything else you could add would be appreciated.  Thanks for any input you have!   :)

Pixel Art / Re: I Need Help to Make Dungeon Tiles
« on: October 11, 2013, 02:14:51 pm »
Vast improvement over your first efforts. I like it.

If there's an obvious issue with this one, I'd say it's the structuring of the stones separating the larger ones and the smaller ones makes the 'grid' a little clear.

Maybe try to make a larger stone exist on the boundary of the tile.

Pixel Art / Re: I Need Help to Make Dungeon Tiles
« on: October 10, 2013, 07:34:39 pm »
Just a little hack...  :P

 This sucks, I really can't make tile, there is no logic I guess... Anyway, thank you all.

Don't give up.

That castlevania image isn't a single tile. Looks like a background piece indicating a cylindrical turret or something. Has quite a few pixels in it.

Start simple. Try working with a 16x16  or 32x32  tile. Don't draw straight lines. Keep it loose. Sketch the pixels in and like Pix3m says, don't keep all the bricks the same size or shape.
You may want to make a few variations with a pencil and paper first. Get a look you like, then try to replicate it in the pixel program.

Good luck!

General Discussion / Re: Pyxel Edit pixel art editor
« on: October 07, 2013, 06:47:27 pm »
Because of certain alterations on a similar tile (edge, round edge, thin edge, slope edge etc).. I now have over 100 tiles of rock and grass in a single tileset.
It's starting to get confusing, and without placing easy to understand example structures on the canvas, I'm afraid things'll get difficult to follow, very quickly.

What would you say about some kind of annotation system, where if one were to hover over a tile, perhaps with a certain tool selected, some editable text will pop up?
It'd be very handy to help keep things organized.


Also just noticed that when you increase the canvas size, animation frames get displaced from their original positions.

Her breasts are more shapely, but I wonder if they've been a little too big all this time. Quite frankly, they're massive.  :lol:

Thanks for chiming in mate your feedback always appreciated.
I'll mess around with your suggestions soon.
I was trying to be clever where there mouth is wide open until the very point where the stalk becomes stretched, then snaps closed as if that is the mechanism it uses to trap things.
But yeah probably doesn't have the right effect  :-[

I think it looks great, but he makes an excellent point about the action frame.

Maybe for a single frame or two right at the max extension of the plant head, the mouth will look a bit more 'clamped', the teeth a little more exposed or something.

I'm really impressed by all the other work you've done on this too.  :D

Thanks. Good suggestion, head should be moving forward when she is shot in the shoulder. :D

You obviously didn't play the whole game. SH 3 also have the hospital level and nurses in it- >

BTW The new movie is bad. As a fan I could say that it's a waste of time. :(

I'm just being picky. The SH3 nurses don't have the wrapped faces like in the film.  :crazy:

Pixel Art / Re: First pixel art--need some feedback
« on: October 02, 2013, 06:48:20 pm »
These look good to me.  Good job!

I new to pixel art too.. I haven't shared anything here yet, really either..   

But if I may, I might suggest shading the clouds in your first pic a bit differently. Something about them seems a little off. And I know you're trying to keep it as minimal as possible, so I'm not sure what I'd suggest doing.

The only image I have a little trouble imagining is the second to last one.  It doesn't strike me as an apparent scene, like all the others.   Anyway, great job. Have you done any more, or made any adjustments since you posted this?

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