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General Discussion / Re: Stepping back as a mod
« on: August 10, 2018, 11:01:43 pm »
Helm, I don't care or mind your interpretation of what defines these offenses and how they are punishable.
We have seen the rampant violence and destruction of the politics you advocated, and what people were unfairly destroyed.
There is no reason to trust your judgment on this, especially not yours, but at any case not yours more than others.
You are not the community. Only part of it. Well there's not much left of that for sure. So I guess it really is just you and your compatriots now.
And it was you again, who escalated this drama and restructuring over what is probably minor offenses. Fits your profile.

You will never live down the shame of having advocated Social Justice. I was actually willing to let you off the hook, but not anymore. Better ban me now too.


Indigo, yet you reinstate a mod that made it a point in the past of bringing politics into this.
That's why I mentioned it. It wasn't me who brought up Social Justice. It was Helm. For years. And you stood by.
It is him who made politics enough of an issue to threaten the main forum yet again, this change was moved by threatening the forum content.
That the issue is such that people like Crow and Cyangmou feel compelled to leave, tells me all I need to know about this.
Talk about straw man btw. And I find it amusing you found offense in these "insults" that were obviously tongue in cheek.
That again casts doubt on the judgment of these things. But whatever.

I wonder how voluntary this disassociation for solution then really was for all sides involved.
And if you are to point around fingers with accusing bigotry, it is only fair to mention the legacy of Social Justice in the forum,
by those driving the changes forward now. If you slander the discord crowd, as a given reason for the problem, then the other side bears mention too.
If nothing else then as a reminder for going forward, to prevent that politics is only considered politics if it doesn't further Far Left motives.

And all the other parts of what I critisized remain the same on point also.
As far as it concerns the future of the place, I don't even think it's a good idea to remove these conversations.
I doubt your evaluation of what makes other media places attractive takes that into account.
You seem to think this issue is already cleared and over. well I beg to differ.

What does it even mean that what I am talking about has no place here?
Who are you to decide? Maybe I want to talk about it here? Maybe others too?
I actually do think it is related to discussions on art community.
So you don't, and you are an administrator making the rules,
and what community members like me think doesn't matter in this new age.
None of those conversations were even public for the rest of us to see
I suppose to save us from the drama? Or to cut the rest of the community out?
because guys like me obviously are not part of "we", regardless of our own contributions.
Well, I suppose you consider having done the most around here,
and what I think and have to say doesn't matter to your new vision.

Well, I suppose that goes alright, you can have it.
Whatever you can make of it with that mindset.
Keep "restructuring" and "modernizing" away.
I certainly wouldn't want to ruin your virtuous efforts.

General Discussion / Re: Stepping back as a mod
« on: August 10, 2018, 09:38:32 pm »
Just to be clear here, Helm peddled for years the Social Justice doctrine verbatim on the official Pixelation Forum.
Social Justice is by far the most murderous ideology in the history of humankind. I don't care what "good" it pretends to fight for.
One of its defining qualities is authoritarian change of society by threat of punishment.
Social Justice holds the all time high score record of mass murder.
It was by far the worst that ever happened to humanity. ever.

While there seem to be very heightened sensibilities on other forms of bigotry,
no people here that considered themselves liberal and good, saw an issue with that.
Precisely because there is no vivid and varied debate on politics from different perspectives.

So to prove your new direction away from politics and extremism, you reinstate mod powers of this guy,
and his crowning ceremony is the purge of large parts of whatever remains of the active community.
Alongside a new slew of moderator replacements that I assume are not exactly varied in their outlook on life.
If that were the case, the other ones wouldn't have to leave, and the new ones wouldn't join.
Obviously an infringement of libertarian core principles is going on,
such that most of all they cannot stay in good conscious to their believes.
Whether it is having more balanced politics or no politics,
none of it can be achieved with a decidedly biased staff of administration.

Not long ago, any critique at all leveled at Social Justice would have been considered Far Right.
Basically, anything that is not Far Left was marked Far Right, bigoted, etc.
We have seen the violence and bannings on our universities in recent years,
the suppression of any debate that isn't in total favour of Social Justice.
Definition on these offenses are anything but crystal clear,
which means the attempt of making them a guideline will be no more clear.

Serious debates of any merit can't be just "clean" and "controlled".
It is bound to have plenty off-shot trails, sometimes strange, sometimes uncomfortable.
and from a little community chaos and banter, interesting things can arise
You don't just go around and remove, you actively argue your point of view.
While of course there are limits to everything,
if there is one thing that Social Justice has proven most,
is that its sense of limit is excruciatingly bad.

Now, I have never been on discord, don't know exactly what's going on.
But from many other similar occurrences across society in recent times,
this restructuring appears top-down, from a small circle of enlightened missionaries,
presumably knowing what's best for the community, and what it should look like,
assuming infallible judgment, although proven plenty fallibly.

And going by this:
Quote from: Wes
Bigotry was never fostered or encouraged. On the contrary, conflicting opinions were welcomed and the debates (while heated) were often enlightening because of it.
The lack of bigotry was actually a highlight of the "politics" channel.
Some silly banter on occasion aside, even without having seen it,  I don't find it hard to believe this true overall.
It goes in line with many other false accusations and developments going on in recent times.

There is something to be said about maintaining the focus of an art site on art, not politics.
It certainly was not part of this public forum these days, and I personally didn't even know it happened.
The problem we have in universities now a days is certainly that it is too political in subjects it shouldn't.
But the difference is that this biased politics is forced on the students from top down,
it's not varied debates coming from the students themselves, it's one-sided doctrines given down by the teaching curriculum.
You don't just go around and shut down the people themselves when they feel the need to talk with each other.
And certainly processing issues of life from various angles, some less pleasant than others, is part of art.

But the War on People under the guise of "for the people", by a small elitist circle of administrators, has always been the hallmark of Social Justice.

Which brings us to the next problem, you say you realize that the forum model is out-dated,
But a major core reason for why is exactly its less strict mode of conversation. People can just speak their mind.
The more open models of social media are precisely more popular because they are less moderated/steered/controlled.
Yet you actually believe that you will revivify your community with more strict definitions on what people can talk about?
This is most of all what brought down both Pixeljoint and Pixelation. No matter what technology you migrate to, if this is your solution, there is no hope for you.
You might call any other place of brimming life too offending, your problem is most of all that you are too boring. You believe yourself virtuous maybe. But too boring.
There is very few people interested in that. You can hold your head high on that all you want. It doesn't change your problem. It doesn't even mean you're good and deserve better.

There just isn't anything interesting happening anymore here. shuffling around the administration and a fancy "new" atmosphere won't change that.
It's the regular people that do interesting things. a lot of questionable things for sure, but that's where life comes from.
And from all that brimming chaos and struggle comes interesting insight and advanced activity.
It develops bottum up, from the chaos of free thoughts interacting fearlessly.

If you want to turn this place into a Sanatorium, a sort of perfect care taking facility, that's supposed to "protect" the "children"...
well, guess what, not even children care about that anymore. They are busy having fun shit posting everywhere else.

That's what you really are competing with. It's not just your definition of Pixel Art that hurts you, it's your entire definition of "fun" and "life".
When you read back ancient threads on the PixelJoint forum, the atmosphere couldn't be more different than today. That's what killed it.

So does this mean we should all turn into trash talking shitheads? Maybe not.
But that you actually take so much issue with how things are _now_, that you need to "restructure" it into something even more clean,
honestly tells me you are a balls sucking twerk shit fuckhead idiot moron! with an attitude problem!

That and that any measure of meritocracy for advanced activity is replaced by political screenings.

General Discussion / Re: Pixel Observations from ProcGen.
« on: March 20, 2018, 01:36:09 am »
I just put out a hotfix version 028C. a minute ago, in case you already tried the B.

In case you can't anyway, here is a raw sample render to have a closer look at.

General Discussion / Pixel Observations from ProcGen.
« on: March 19, 2018, 07:30:33 am »

I've been experimenting with pixel technique through content generation. Some more thoughts later.

General Discussion / Re: Pixel art as a job?
« on: February 09, 2018, 02:28:07 am »
I think you already know the answer. If you find a way to make it work, it can work. But very few actually manage that. Even some of the best are having a tough time. If someone asks such a question, the only official answer I can give in good conscience, is "No, don't bet your life on it." and "Get a real job, kid, something with hammers and nails." So if you decide to do it anyway, you sure can't depend on anyone's encouragement, unless it comes from a concrete employer or a sufficient audience on Patreon.

In more established jobs there is a career path within a company. That means internships to train people on the job. You don't have to be already expert level before you have a chance for a gig. A promising talent is enough. I don't see that for anything pixel art. You better be already amazing before you can expect freelance commissions worth a damn. That's the toughest part. Though there is a sprawling indie scene, they have to calculate differently, on tight budgets, if you even can call it that, or where every presentation makes or breaks it.

That's my observation anyway. Can't say anything nicer than that without the feeling of sending you to your doom with a warm smile for a false moment of comfort.

General Discussion / Re: The Master Builders of Minecraft
« on: February 07, 2018, 11:24:49 pm »
I came across this fun channel One Chunk, that shows the creation of cute little buildings on a 16x16 area. That looks like a lot of fun.

General Discussion / Re: "Equipment" for working on the go?
« on: February 07, 2018, 11:05:00 pm »
There is a huge overlap in skill between all forms of art, that people call fundamentals. Perspective, lights, composition, anatomy, gesture, colour theory, etc.
Most of these you can effectively train with pencil and paper, which will have a direct impact on the overall quality of pixel art you are making, or any other art medium.

Someone can throw you a stick and some shit, and you'll still be able to make beautiful art with it, if your fundamentals are well practiced.
For this reason, there is a catchy phrase going: "Tools don't matter". But what it really means to say is "The most important art skills carry over".

Because at some point you will have to answer another important question. Why implementing your vision in this form of art, not the other?
Why pencil? why painting? why pixels? why sculpting? Why modeling? What exactly do each of these add to the basic idea of the vision?

It is the point you will dive into the creative technicalities of a specific art form, that justify your art choice.
That means your fundamental art skills are expressed in a unique way with the choice of your art form.

On one hand this means, if you got no art fundamentals, what is there to express in pixel art?
On the other it means, if you have no creative ambition with what makes pixel art technically interesting, you make pixel art weak.

Having said that, I like the suggestions given earlier, that you should use the opportunity of having to travel outside for classic observation studies on the real world with quick pencil sketches.

General Discussion / Re: The Master Builders of Minecraft
« on: February 03, 2018, 01:14:12 am »
And while we're at it, you really gotta check out this trailer for the mod Conquest Reforged resource pack for Minecraft, which gives it a much grittier look, and adds tons of new materials/textures/assets, etc.

It's almost as if WitcherWHO? ElderscrollsWHAT? DarkSoulsHAH. All u need is Minecraft. Minecraft is life.

General Discussion / Re: The Master Builders of Minecraft
« on: February 03, 2018, 12:35:41 am »
In this showcase here, we can witness more clearly the in-game planning of the construction process, with a lot of marking going down.
(also check out the rest of his tutorials)

In other showcases you see the builders make do with much more subtle markings, a lot of TeamSpeak communication, and schematic material outside the game,
for the sake of making the showcase videos more aesthetically pleasing. But experienced builders also have evolved great spatial awareness and are used to counting their steps for each next turn.

General Discussion / Re: The Master Builders of Minecraft
« on: February 01, 2018, 11:53:03 pm »
But this is pretty much like playing the game in God Mode. You damn cheats!

Because that's the thing right, Minecraft isn't simply an editor for professional artists or engineers.

It's a game world. It's a simulated reality. It has rules of life and laws of physics. People are in it to have adventures, gather resources, craft things,

and build their houses and towns, brick by brick with their own virtual hands, for some savety from all the monsters trying to kill them.

And while they're at it, they try to make their harsh lives and meager existense a little pretty.

And learn to live and work together and trade with each others to achieve greater things against the odds.

They are not just in there to produce assets, they relive what it was like in the "Good old Times".

And somehow, just as it happens, doing their thing, going about their daily life,

surviving and creating prosperity, they start producing more and more amazing content.

If it were merely an editor, for pros to deliver assets, it couldn't be this broadly popular.

Anyway, one of the coolest things about the Minecraft scene is, that you can visit the teams on their own servers as they work,

and that they even offer their amazing environments that they showcase in these videos, for download free of charge.

Yes, you can actually download stuff like from the first video in the opening post, and visit the place yourself, play in it and study it.

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