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To answer in order:

No logo is needed, only characters.

Live actors, primarily the main three, Petros Ioannou, Jennifer Polansky and Brent Black in their various character's costumes. Resolution, It needs to look like a 16-bit video game but will be inserted into a 1080p video.

As for money, I am paying out my own pocket. The Kickstarter funded the series itself, in fact it actually only funded about 3/4 of the 10-episode series the rest of which I've had to pay for out of pocket. My offer is $200 because we are low-budget, the show itself was expensive and a lot of people donated their time for free to work on it from the cast and crew to post-production services. This is why $200, because the budget for the show, was not very much, when you look at what it costs to make a show on this level.

Hope this clears it up.

Job offers / [PAID] Pixel Artist Wanted for Webseries Opening Credits
« on: June 06, 2013, 08:39:00 pm »
LEON FILMS, Ltd, is looking for a talented Pixel Artist to help create our opening credits sequence for the first season of our new webseries MY LIFE AS A VIDEO GAME.

The project is a series that was crowdfunded using Kickstarter (See Here) a few months back. We've wrapped filming and are currently in the post-production phase. However we need someone to help us create our opening title sequence.

You can see from the Kickstarter Video we had an initial version made, but since then the original artist, has not been able to finish a full version. We need a new version, a better version to show off for when the show airs in the next few weeks.

The story of MY LIFE AS A VIDEO GAME, is about a gamer called Don DeWitt, who is one day unexpectedly pulled into an alternate reality where video games are real life. Every few weeks he is transported to a new genre of video game, First Person Shooters, Beat 'Em Ups, Platformers, Space Combat Simulators, RPGs, Survival Horror and more.

We need someone who can do pixel art, based on the live-action actors and characters to do the opening credits for the show.

The show already has a trailer up here on YouTube, which has about 80,000 views so far.


The show is low budget but PAY IS NEGOTIABLE, we're looking for someone to do the work in the $200 range if possible.


We are based in Los Angeles, but it is not necessary to be here, though it would help.

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