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EDIT: This position has been filled. Thanks to everyone who responded!

Who is this guy?

I've been developing independent games in my spare time for nearly ten years now. I'm most known for my experimental platformer, The Ultimate Celebration. I also have a number of smaller games available on my site. I haven't finished a large-scale game yet, but I intend to change that with Monster Commander.

What is Monster Commander?

I've already started a devlog, where I describe it like this:
Monster Commander will be a tactical RPG with an emphasis on smart decision-making over grinding and luck. Your army will consist of monsters recruited from the ranks of your enemies. Each monster will have very different abilities, and forming the right team will be crucial to achieving victory.

If you think it sounds like a mix of Pokemon and Final Fantasy Tactics, you've got the right idea - but it is more of a strategy game, with less emphasis on character-building. You can even try out the demo, but it only supports hotseat multiplayer at the moment.

What's the game's current status?

I've already created the basic engine, and I'm working on the artificial intelligence right now. Once that is done, development will mostly consist of adding content.

You'll notice that I've already created some art for Monster Commander. So why do I need to hire an artist? Well, the game will be released much sooner if I divide up the workload, and the art is most the most time-consuming task for me.

I am planning on throwing out the placeholder art, so there is no need to try to match my style.

What are you looking for?

A 2D artist/animator.

I've planned for there to be around 75 monsters and commanders, each of which will need some basic animations (standing, walking, damaged), plus animations for around three attacks. The graphics are isometric, so each animation will only need to be oriented in one or two directions.

There also need to be around five tilesets, menu graphics and icons, and a world map. There is no overworld, which should cut down on the workload significantly.

If the artist desires, I can design all of the monsters myself, but I'm willing to grant quite a bit of freedom in their design. If you enjoy creating monsters, this could be a great opportunity.

Anything else I should know?

Bear in mind that I'm working on this project in my free time, so it may be a while before it is released. This means that your work may not be available for some time - but it also gives you more flexibility in your work schedule.

I can afford to pay a fair price for the art work. We can arrange the details in private.

If this appeals to you, contact me by replying in this thread, sending me a PM, or emailing me at digitaldessertgames at

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