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Nein, bisher hat sich noch keiner außer dir gemeldet.
Hast du mal ausprobiert ob es größentechnisch klappen könnte?
Es wäre schön wenigstens ein paar Beispielbilder zu haben egal welche Größe.
Wir würden nur gerne einschätzen können was wir erwarten können.

For all English-speakers:
It is also possible to upload pictures in a higher resolution.
Our engine allows automatic scaling, but we can't say how strong this will influence the quality.

Du kannst gerne auch Bilder in leicht größerer Auflösung malen.
Unsere Engine ermöglicht automatische Skalierung im Spiel.
Wie stark sich der Qualitätsverlust auswirkt kann ich aber noch nicht sagen.

What is TDCreator?
Like the name already says we want to create a Tower Defense game with strong editor capabilities to create and share maps.
An event system can be used to create monster waves, story-telling sequences or camera movements.

Who is currently involved?
We are two computer science students doing the programming and one graphical artist. Maybe you want to join us :) We are all from germany, but can speak English.

What is the state of the project?
We already programmed the most common functions in tower defenses. Towers can be placed, they shoot at enemies, which try to find their path to the players base. The level ends when all lives are lost. The editor can be used to design maps, edit enemy waves and save the finished level to play it. Menues are partly finished and urgently need some replacement graphics. We haven't decide for a main setting yet, but are aiming for a fantasy or steampunk setting. Engineering of towers and traps should be involved.
Current graphics included: Towers, their projectiles, monster and dummy buttons/backgrounds.

What are we looking for?
We have two topics that have to be covered by feature graphic designers.
- Menu graphics design: user interface objects (huds, buttons, other menu elements) and menu backgrounds.
We have some ideas for the design, but we are open for your ideas. Everything should fit in the setting (have to be defined) and create a consistent overall experience.
- Game elements: monsters, towers, projectiles, effects
If you want to work on this topic, you have to fit the current art-style. You can add your own ideas for new elements, but we will need animated sprites. Our base sprite size is 80x80 Pixel. We are aiming for a top-down view. Another possibility is that you animate graphics designed by our current graphics designer.  This depends on your skills and the project's stage of development.

What does "Unpaid for Now" mean?
Once finished we want to sell the game at plattforms like Desura and Steam. It should be a low-budget game, because we want to build up a big community for map-sharing. Revenues will be shared and a part of it will be used to provide equipment for future projects. This can include sound effects, graphic tablets or game engines for this and future projects.

What is the Timeframe for Release?
We want to finish the project till the end of summer 2013. We are all working part-time on this project. Since most of the programming is done, the programmers will refurbish code for better performance and try to add new events and eliminate bugs. It's up to the graphic designers how fast we can release first versions in alpha or beta stage. If the game sells well, we plan an android portation in near future.

How can you join us?
Just post below or send an e-mail to "" and attach sample graphics of your past projects or concept arts. We will answer you as soon as possible. It would be nice to get more in touch with you.

Current graphic design of two monsters and an ingame screenshot.

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