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Artist Found, thanks all for your application.
We found KRUT an amazing artist, He did what exactly what I wanted and in-fact the turn around time in which he gave me all the graphics was really amazing. We would highly recommend talented KRUT for his quality and lightning speed.

Job offers / Small Paid Work: 2 Characters with Single Frame each - Urgent
« on: November 09, 2012, 05:11:23 pm »
Hi All,
I'm looking for 2 sprites * 1 Frame Each.
The Original characters


1. Age: 6-7 years, skirt like the one in the original Frame. Skirt has to be Blue color.
2. Girl has to be in the same Original Pose where she is ready to Punch.
3. The Character features like her Size, Age are same.
4. Her face has to look like a different girl, eye band can remain the same style.

1. Age: 8-10 years, He has to be in shorts and T-shirt but colors can change.
1. Boy has to be in the Original Pose where the Boy is running towards the girl.
2. The Character features like his Size, Age are same.
3. His face and hair has to make him look like a different boy.

Work Needed
It is just 1 Frame for the Girl and 1 Frame for the Boy.
Girl - 25$
Boy - 25$
The work has to be completed within tomorrow.
Payments will be done on Paypal.
10$ can be in advance after you deliver 1 sprite I will Pay you 25$ and after the next sprite I will pay you the rest 15$.

If anybody interested reply Asap to or pm me.
Also your previous samples or links will help me choose fast.


General Discussion / Re: Pixel Project Planning / Approximation
« on: September 24, 2012, 05:58:32 am »
Yep I know,
About pixel art, I know a bit on the concepts like how basic AA, lighting & shading has to work etc.... cause when I entered the industry for the first 3 years except for coding and testing, I aslo learnt how pixel art works but only theoretically. So I don't have any production experience in pixel art at all. Thats why I seek experts and I browse your forums just to watch the beautiful stuff u guys do....
But yeah now I'm more of Designer, after 10 years of just designing games, I would like to stick to what I think I can do better than to experiment. Yeah but I can just maybe start a bit so can maybe communicate better....
Yeah usually I know it takes a lot of time for pixel art....
We can guarantee production quality in terms of game concept and gameplay, just that I need the right art to also match the quality we expect sometimes.
Btw you can take a look at one of my games in production...., but this has already found a publisher so fund wise little bit help I get from them.... and just post production stage is left....
But my next game is my own production the vertical shooter I'm talking about.... so yeah let me see where it can go....

General Discussion / Re: Pixel Project Planning / Approximation
« on: September 22, 2012, 06:58:46 pm »
yep hail Tanaka.... im too a big fan of cave's games.... on that we are def on the same page....
btw are those characters and bullets pixelated or not?
whether me looking at that quality was just a subjective part.... and rate part was just to know the standards....
Yeah after the info u guys shared I know what I have to aim for :)
my point here was that Im making the game and I want to find a pixel artist at some point, and I'm NOT CAVE and neither I'm here to employ TANAKA or TANAKA clones (if I had that much, I would not have been here in the first place) :)
btw the ground ground reality is when I plan to get a Pixel artist onboard, I can just pay very very less and I know what quality I can expect for the budget I offer so its just let for me to get the asset list and get back to one of you experts here.
Let me see where and what this lead too, thanks guys, esp that bit on Tanaka buys his own Cintiq, was an useful info :)....

General Discussion / Re: Pixel Project Planning / Approximation
« on: September 21, 2012, 04:47:02 pm »
Thanks ptoing for the response :)
 :o haha 30K I think, I will go back to my small family business and drop the idea of making games.... lol
I don't know it just a feels a bit unrealistic for me, its just me.... maybe the hours could have been lesser if an experienced guy works on it or whatever.
Btw yeah maybe I should think about a quality compromise.... but I was looking at not such detailed tiles but more of tileable surface like the ground material etc.
anywayz its good to get perspectives....

General Discussion / Pixel Project Planning / Approximation
« on: September 21, 2012, 06:57:07 am »
I've been a Designer in the Gaming industry for quite sometime, but now is time when I'm producing few of my own games. So I want some advice from all the Pixel experts here.
- I'm designing a Vertical Shooter game with Planes shooting Aliens.
1. So what are the aspects of it that I should make in Pixel - Bg? Characters?
You can see the graphics style I'm looking for here.
Are these all Pixel, they look so polished?

2. Approximately these will be the required assets
5 Bg Tile Sheets
- 5 Mini Bosses: 20 Frames for Each: Total 100 Frames
- 1 Super Boss: Total 50 Frames
- 3 Hero Planes: Total 30 Frames
- 10 Enemies: 10 Frames for Each: Total 100 Frames
Bullets & Explosions: 30 Bullets and % Frames Each: Total 150 Frames
Since I have no experience with Pixel, I'm just being very approximate here with the Animations,  based on the Characters required for the Design. Is my calculation for the Animations right can someone help me out with the figures.

3. Can someone tell me what will be an approximate cost for pixeling the above Project.
- What be an average charge for the Above assets charged by an Pixel Artist.
- What will be an average time frame taken by an Pixel artist to complete this.

Thanks  :)

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