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I'm currently working on an indie iOS ninja platform fighting game.

I'm looking to outsource some backgrounds artwork. We're talking about some simple stuff, as you can see in the supplied images.
What: 12 Different backgrounds in pixel art style
Size: 480 x 960
Theme: Japan / zen / urban / nature
Credit: Full artist credit in game credits screen.

Most detail has to be around the central area.

These examples are a bit less detailed than I would need (that's why I am looking at hiring). So the optimal result will have a bit more detailed to it.
The backgrounds you will create will be based on very rough sketches we can create together and approve prior to commencing.

Compensation: $240
Payment method: PayPal, paid upon delivery of work.

There's not a lot of money involved, but for the experienced artist it should not take too long to finish this work as it is really quite simple.

Some tests / examples I made:

You can contact me on zikood art gmail dot com

Many thanks for your interest!

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