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Job offers / [PAID] Game Developer Seeking Partner In Crime (paid crime!)
« on: February 02, 2013, 03:21:55 pm »
Who am I?
My name is Adrian Seeley, I work for Magnetic Bear Studios and prior worked as an iOS game developer at Magmic Games.
I write lots of code. You can find me on linkedIn and follow my development trail on Twitter.

Who are you?
I need a passionate and talented artist to help me create something beautiful. 
That's it, plain and simple. I need a partner in crime.
Be different, and expressive - have deep character, and be ready to evoke it in others.

'Oh this would look sweet, draw this'
'That does look sweet, make this into a sprite'
'Oh even better, make a 4 direction 5 frame walk cycle'
'Great great, now lets get some top down backdrops, yeah lots of nature in there'
'Have you ever seen how blood looks in the snow, can you sprite that, awesome'
'I need concept art for a big cathedral in the side of a mountain, lots of clouds, really abandoned looking, ok go'
Be ready to do anything art related, or learn on the spot - either/or.

Food Stamps
This kind of work is tough to put an hourly wage on - and doesn't always inspire the greatest work.
I prefer to do project milestones, with regular payments throughout in lump sums.
The right candidate can expect to make a couple thousand (CAN$) over the development of a title, plus royalties of course if things go there.

Get In Touch
Interested potential crime-partners can email me here, please include anything portfolio related and a little bit about yourself.

- a

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