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Commercial Critique / Re: Commercial Critique: The Chaos Engine
« on: April 04, 2006, 12:33:32 pm »
My guess is, they use flat color tiles or dithered tiles because they're faster to draw than textured tiles. For flat tiles, pixels are just set to a given color, whereas for textured tiles, we have to copy all the 256 pixels from RAM to video memory, wich takes longer. And this really matters for a scroller. At least, it's how it used to work in DOS. Seems to be same in the C64. Note that the trees may use flat tiles too.

Despite the speed issue, the game's rather slow in my computer (AMD 1.1)! Is it because the XP is emulating the DOS mode ? Other than that, excellent game (behind Gods off course).


I like this one better. He has a "I wanna punch someone" attitute.
While the other (open hands) is more like a wrestler.

I noticed you changed the design for the walk cycle,
it's great but I still prefer the other one.

the "enter" is great but steals attention from the "matriax".

I like the moon and the bubbles, not the grass.

I like the bubbles!

Adam, maybe you could write a quick comment on those sprites which haven't got any votes.
I know my freestyle is unlikely to be in a game, but I thougth my boktai ones were good.
Thanks. Only a contest like that to put my lazy ass to work :D

Congratulations Faceless!

Pixel Art / Re: Vagrant Story 2D and Something else...
« on: February 27, 2006, 02:02:20 pm »
they're all nice!

my only crits goes to rain wich seems unconvincing

Pixel Art / Re: PixelArt Sucks!
« on: February 26, 2006, 11:44:51 pm »

So, you found out that you can make custom socks,
and the first sock you make is one with.. a guitar O_o
instead of, say, your avatar, super-mario or donkey kong ?

I don't believe you!

hey matriax, I'm your fan ;D

I agree that number 6 is the best. However, I'd spin the A's a little.
And I think the bubbles are too shiny.

Good luck in the demoscene!

I made a little Popeye:

Great entries so far :D

Here's mine:

Popeye freestyle (on his best shape lol):

Boktai adult

Im may do one in the Jango size later.

Archived Activities / Re: The Official Secret Santa Thread
« on: December 25, 2005, 03:46:45 pm »
If it makes you feel any better, merc, I'm still waiting on mine, too. We can suffer together :'( :P

yeah me too, but all is good tis the season to be jolly anyway, i must say, some absolutely amazing gifts for people.
pixelation, you should be proud!!

somehow, I knew some people wouldn't get their gifts. I hope this will make you feel better:
here's the two gifts that really impressed me last year. I wanted to post'em before the 23 but, maybe i drunk too much and couldn't find the files :3

from monsoon to ?

from nok to ?

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