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Pixel Art / Re: WIP: Music Symbol
« on: August 28, 2007, 02:10:46 am »
Can anyone help me please?

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] Random Face
« on: August 25, 2007, 03:38:16 am »
Hmm, that looks familiar...  ;)

Any advice... Get rid of all the black outline instead of just some of them. Add a proper light source. Most microheroes are made assuming that the lightsource is coming from straight ahead or from up above. Other then that, it's looking pretty good Drake. ;D

Pixel Art / WIP: Music Symbol
« on: August 25, 2007, 03:34:57 am »
Decided on giving pixeling another go. I found a line art on this in the line art thread. All I did was color it. I wanted to know what I could do to make it better. Seven colors. Hope you like.

What I am asking you guys to do is basically rip this thing to shreds and help me make this thing up to the quality of what you guys do here. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks to anyone who can help.  ;D

A proper lightsource that isn't internal glow.

Ummm, I'm a little stupid when it comes to big words....

Same thing to you  Asian Gamer, I only got 1/2 of what you're saying. Sorry guys but I'm still new and need a little clarification as to what I'm doing wrong.

Yeah some parts are, but I rather like how it looks on the body... what would make it look better?

Here's a new piece I did. I realize the head needs work but I kind of like how the body looks.

I got the outline from the line art exchange. Any suggestions?

Thanks guys. Sorry I haven't been around much but something will come soon... Just have to think of what...

Hue shifting is a common technique to make colourramps more intresting and/or realistic.
Here's an example:

The ramps have colder colours in the darker tones and warmer colours in the brighter tones.

Thank you very much. I will keep that in mind on the next piece I do.

Yeah, found the outline at the exchange. As for the advice, I'm not sure what you're talking about... ???

There just photoshop-colored linearts.  why not try placing the pixels by hand, the results will be a lot cleaner and better.

Yeah, that is just photoshopping. I tryed placing the pixels by hand but that was before I learned about dithering  :crazy:

Welcome to the forum ;)
Nice linearts. In my opinion the shading is the biggest problem about these pieces. Seems very pillow-shaded. Try to use more intresting Lightsources, instead of shading it as if the viewer was the lightsource. Also you could try to find more intresting colour-ramps. Learn hue-shifting and stuff like that.

Thanks. Yeah, I need to work on lightsources. And hue-shifts.

Wait one minute, could anyone please tell me what a hue shift is and like a tutorial or something on lights? Thank you!

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