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First I would like to apologize for the delay since my last post.

My daughter broke her arm and then the internet was being insanely slow and refusing to let me fully upload a a file.

Now I happily present photo proof of complete bathroom tile pixel mosaics!!

When the classes are completely clean up and decorated I will post more pictures.

Thanks again for the help you guys have been awesome.

How can i best honor your contributed efforts to completing this project?

Came in to leave an update.

Sorry but I didn't have time to wait for higher resolution versions of the art though it would've been awesome. The custom printing, and making into sheets takes a week so I had to put in the order quickly or risk having the workers waiting around for it and not having any work to do in the meantime.

Today Is Wednesday here and my wife thinks the tiles will arrive on Friday and we can stick them on the walls on Monday. 

I also didn't have time to go over the pictures and redo the colours to the new palette so I *gulp* let the shop do it for me. I did however go over the pictures and realign many tiles and shapes that were messed up when they rasterized the pictures for their company. I was in a hurry so hope I didn't make many mistakes but I assume there are some. For example when they rasterized some areas turned into 1 or 3 pixel lengths instead of all nicely doubling into 2x2's.

We'll see how it looks soon and I'll try and go get some before and after shots with my DSLR.

Yes the resolution has doubled.

Still only doing the same three areas and the same sizes.

I'll likely keep the original three pieces i was going to use as we sort of matched the rest of the bathroom tiles to the colours.

My wife wants to email them now but its 11pm so I don't see any harm in waiting a few hours to see what anyone cooks up.

I'm back with good and bad news.

The good news: is that the company that sells tiles can take a picture (photo, or jpg drawing like the ones we have), rasterize it into tiles, and lay it on sheets for me! Then the workers just have to put the sheets on the wall instead of individual tiles.

Semi-bad news: They won't do the 5cm tiles. They will only do 5cm tiles in large sheets which messes up too much with our palette since some pieces use only a few tiles of certain colours.

The bad news: They won't even do some entire sets of colours. The purples and aquas are completely non-doable. They showed me a new palette that I took a picture of and the tiles are now reduced to 2.5cm.

Good news again: Since they will lay them in sheets for me based off of an image we can actually do four times the resolution in images. So I will either take the current images and just split each 5cm tile into four smaller ones, or possibly take any new awesome higher resolution art if anyone decides to supply some by tomorrow. :P

I was very upset upon hearing all this. When i had gone the first time i explicitly asked if we could use small numbers of some colours and that all the colours were available to which i was answered yes. They did not think things through to tell me about colour availability or size. This is a typical problem in China so i'm not super surprised.

I actually had asked when i was there the first time if there was an easy software way they went about doing mosaics; must've been lost in translation.

The resolution is now with 2.5cm tiles and there is a new palette. If anyone can change the colours of their art to match it that would be cool. If not i will let the computer software that they use do it for you. Also the possibility of higher resolution art to match the new tile sizes would be cool to consider though we need to order these things quickly.

I will get this done one way or another.

New pallette

I counted all of the tiles individually by colour and now we are heading out to buy.

Wish me luck!

Any updates, Blood?

Just logged in to update!

Things have been going slower than anticipated.

We are going to order the coloured tiles now but there may be a problem. After asking clearly to the seller and my wife that we can use any colour of tile in any number we want, they now say they don't want to produce any tiles if the total of that colour is less than 3 square meters. This is annoying as I asked to be made clear of any problems earlier.

I'm not taking this problem seriously yet though as confusing and aggravating information constantly comes up in China and just as often blows away.

I rreaaallly wish I could have used one or two of Ui''s piece but we don't have the wall space. I especially love the big squid. An entire bathroom done underwater would be awesome. I was going to use the panda for one bathroom piece but we felt we didn't couldn't use a green bathroom to match it.

So sorry Ui :( I love your work.

lol that mockup is awesome.

it will help my wife see what i see in my head.

Ok. But, I need to revise mine a bit. All that brown in the bottom half needs to go. Will revise soonly!

Woah no! Im actually using the brown.

The rest of the bathroom wall tiling will be brown to that same height, then blue paint the rest of the way.

My wife wanted to cut costs by not tiling all the way up the walls and this fits nicely.

Ok I have chosen the three pictures to use.

It was very hard to select three based on color combinations and partially how easy i think it will be to place.

Bathroom 1 Wall B (we changed the size of the wall so it isn't long anymore)
- 3 Mountains by Mathias

Bathroom 4 Wall O
- 2 Dinosaurs by Cyangmou

Now i'm having a hard time counting the total tile estimates per colour and have to go to work :P

Bathroom 3 Wall M
- Penguin by Celein (cropped width to fit)

My wife found a crew willing to do all of our work and for a good price too!

They will do one wall per bathroom for us. The rest will have to be plain big tiles.

Sadly every crew is very reluctant to do this tiling work for us. Another crew have even tried to raise the cost per square meter for it to near 100 dollars, which is not cool. Needless to say I told that crew to take a hike.

Even at a low cost for the current crew they refuse to do more custom tiling walls even if I pay more so we seem stuck with it.

Now I will select three designs and then could possibly use ideas on what colour, or simple patten of large tiles for the rest of the bathroom.

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