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Job offers / Re: Looking to hire a freelance 2D pixel artist [PAID]
« on: October 23, 2011, 12:59:55 am »
The position has now been filled. Thanks to all of those who showed interest!

Job offers / Re: Looking to hire a freelance 2D pixel artist [PAID]
« on: October 13, 2011, 10:18:03 pm »
Oh, one other note: you should email soon if you're going to at all, because I'm already getting emails from interested parties and the position will be gone soon.

Job offers / Looking to hire a freelance 2D pixel artist [PAID]
« on: October 13, 2011, 03:39:01 pm »
[Who I am]

I'm Ryan Rigney, the CEO of Utah Raptor Games and lead designer of our first game (title TBA). I'm perhaps better-known as a freelance writer and author; I regularly write for outlets like Gamasutra, PC Gamer, and GamePro, and my first book (also title TBA, although I'll begin speaking to press outlets about it VERY soon) will be published by A K Peters/CRC Press later this year. (More info at

[What we're making]

Our game is an arena-based, 2D competitive multiplayer game that's inspired in part by Hudson's venerable Bomberman series. The game's core combat mechanic focuses on the use of lasers within an arena environment, with the ultimate goal of zapping your opponents and becoming the last man standing. Players will be able to bounce lasers off of angled walls and reflect incoming lasers at opponents through the use of a sword. Matches last 2-3 minutes and escalate in intensity as they progress thanks to the inclusion of randomly-appearing powerups, which increase player movement speed and give them the ability to shoot more than one laser at once (among other benefits).

[What we'll need]

We need an artist who can create assets for levels (all of which will be "single-screen") and characters, among all the other visual elements game's require (in-game items, menu design, box art, etc.). The artist would be expected to develop an aesthetic for the entire game, and would be asked to help with the production of certain promotional materials (possibly posters and other good things like that). We want our game to have a visually interesting pixel art style. The artist would be free to bring their own preferences to the table in terms of style.

[The business plan]

Like many indie studios, we're trying to keep operating costs as low as possible. I'm funding everything out of pocket, and both myself and the other two team members (both programmers) are working for revenue shares once the game actually hits the market and begins selling. We want to pay our artist by cutting them in on the revenue shares, and we're willing to give up a significant portion of our own shares to entice a talented artist to join our team.

Once we have a clean prototype of the game running (with art from our artist) we plan on opening a Kickstarter page. We have already been accepted by Kickstarter––all we have to do is deploy and get the word out. Portions of the Kickstarter funds will also be used to pay the artist we hire.

Unrelated note: We've already hired a musician to compose music for the game. He is working as a freelance agent also, but is being paid in cash instead of through revenue sharing. We're doing things this way because we feel that the artist should be a more integral part of the team, and will hopefully become as invested in the game's success as we are.

We're developing our title using XNA.


Interested parties should send an email to Include links to past work, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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