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Job offers / [Paid] 24x24 Skill Icons for a Tactics/RPG webgame
« on: October 19, 2011, 05:47:18 am »
Hey everyone!  :)

I'm currently working on a tactics/RPG game. It's sort of like Final Fantasy Tactics/Fire Emblem, only I'm allowing a bit more customizability in characters and introducing simultaneous turns into gameplay (bringing in mindgames!)

I have a prototype up and running - the game is playable, but there are still many features to be implemented - mainly teaching characters new skills. This is where I need help - I'm currently using a free icon set I found online for the skill icons, but I'd like to have unique icons. Plus, I have a lot of more skills that I want to implement and need accompanying skill icons.

Character select screen:

Gameplay screenshot:

There have been some UI changes/polishing since these screenshots, but it's generally accurate. I've outlined the parts that the skill icons will be used.

Anyways, about the job:
I'm looking for a talented and creative pixel artist to help me make a TON skill icons (around 180, possibly more in the future). This encompasses learning how the game works, how each skill works, and drawing the skill icon. I like the style of the icons I currently have, but that's something I'm willing to compromise if you have something else in mind! I'd also prefer someone who was actually interested in the game, but I guess we all want something :P.

Payment will be done in batches - I'll give you a list of icons I'd like to see drawn out + the payment, you take your time to draw the icons. Rinse and repeat!

If you're interested or have any questions, please post here or email me at tehmuffinman[at]!

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