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Unpaid Work / [Artist] Portfolio building
« on: July 01, 2020, 06:39:06 pm »
Hi! And thank you for checking out my post,
I am currently a first year university student (Starting my second year in September) i study a Undergraduates degree in games programming, and i want to start building up a portfolio for games that i may develop over the next 3 - 4 years. I have a idea for a top down Zelda like game i'd be interested in creating, however even after 2 months of practising i cannot even make a semi decent looking apple, i can't do art. I'm just not an artist, I can however program (For example I got 95% on my most recent coursework on java) and i have also been playing piano for 6 years (Since i was 13) and guitar since i was 15 so i can also do all the sounds of the game. I'm currently in the preproduction phase of the game, so coming up with the outlines of the story and the features i want to implement into the small project.

So i'm looking for an artist who is also interested in building up a portfolio. I will be giving the project away on itch, however i will be happy to spilt any revenue from the project with the artist :)

For more information please either reply/message me on here.
Or reach out to me on discord (I'm more likely to reply as i have discord open 24/7) 


Addition: In my orignal post i forgot to link my discord. So my name "The Crack Man#4785" :)

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