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Job offers / [FILLED][PAID] Art for a 2D indie platformer
« on: September 21, 2011, 11:58:46 pm »
Hello, my name is Maximilian Herkender. I'm working on a indie game, of which I'm the sole game designer and developer. This is a passion project for me, although I do intend to sell it. I've completed two amateur games in the past, and decided to leave my game industry job recently to make a new one.

The goal is to make a classic 2D platformer, but try to explore the genre by having an interesting setting (think Miyazaki), plenty of gameplay variety and a novel publication method. I'm currently trying to put together a demo or vertical slice, as most of the core programming work is completed.

I need
  • An environment tileset
  • Background art
  • Character animation for the player character and some enemies

Due to the way the game is designed, pixel art is a must. I am currently self-funded, but expect to pay normal industry rates via Paypal or another preferred payment system. You don't need to be near me, but being able to use Skype and talk face to face is important.

My email is static at brokenfunction dot com if you are interested or have questions.


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