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Back in the game after a brief hiatus and finishing some other are some new recent tunes from me.
Marigold Market- Piano and strings(and more), could be a track for a JRPG-style town
Holomyth - Kind of experimental/synthwave track.

I work in lots of styles and am currently looking for new projects. Hit me up for any and all inquiries.

Recently created this short orchestral track for an upcoming D&D liveplay called Beauregard's Tavern.  Currently looking for new projects!

Been taking a shot at some famitracker(authentic NES soundchip music) tracks recently:

I work in lots of different styles and am currently looking for new projects!


Recently finished the music for the upcoming Ashes of Eden( and I'm looking for new projects!  I'd love to hear about your project and answer any questions you have. Hit me up!

Hello! I'm a composer, producer, and musician at with experience working on games, trailers, animated shorts, and more.

At my website you can find testimonials and example tracks, and my full portfolio is at my Soundcloud( If you're looking for unique, versatile, original music and sound catered to the particular genre or aesthetic you're going for, or just have some questions or comments, please hit me up! I charge indie-game rates that are negotiable depending on your budget and needs. I'm also open-minded to weird or experimental projects! If you want to go ahead and contact me directly, here's my e-mail.

Here's a couple of tracks I recently put up on youtube:

Thanks for checking out my work for any reason and considering me for your project!

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