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Here are more from the same site/prompt

EDIT: I just saw the "post single artworks for critique, no artdumps" so oops, sorry. If you can only comment about one then critique the skull. Thanks

Hi, just started doing pixel stuff 3 or so days ago, just purchased Asperite and have been looking up lots of tutorials, FAQs, forum posts, etc.
My basic art skills that I have are just knowing basic color theory and shading (atleast what you should do, not that I can shade that well) and having some experience with drawing (I'm good at stippling and that's really it, that and abstract stuff like PeterDraws if you've heard of him.)

Everything I've attached I followed a tutorial or prompt, and if you'd like a link to the posts/videos let me know. For instance the landscape is pretty much a recreation of the one in the tutorial while the skull is my own design off a prompt (asked to make it with a limited color palette.) I'm still trying to learn all the intricacies when it comes to this stuff like not having jaggies or making sure I don't have 1 pixel all by itself but there's a lot to consider so I'm hoping someone can help point out any flaws or big issues that I'm not seeing and anything I should consider when going back and fixing, etc.

Hopefully I'm starting out on the right foot, I'm really hoping to get better so please don't hold back on any comments, as long as it's gonna help me improve I'm not one to be deterred by harsh truths, yaknow? Ultimately my goal is to learn to animate better and become proficient in creating characters. Thanks. 

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