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Hello. I am looking to hire an artist for a (currently) small solo game project. I am an artist myself, but paying someone else to create assets frees me up to focus completely on coding, which is what I'm in need of at the moment. The game will feature a wide array of unique characters, and your job will be to pixel them using written design direction and/or reference pictures. Here are my specific requirements/conditions:

  • Must be able to replicate the 2D Legend of Zelda style, specifically Minish Cap, and overall match the style and coloring of existing assets
  • I have already created a base, and as such I would like to pay per character at a fixed rate rather than per hour. You will only be editing my existing base several times over, so that pay structure makes more sense to me. I'm thinking $15 USD/character (negotiable). Again, this is edit work of an already drawn an animated base. Most animations are 4 frames or less and many things will be copy-pasted. Only 3 unique sprite directions (North, South, East/West)
  • The base only has a handful of different animations. Again, think Zelda. For some characters, 1 or 2 unique 3 to 5-frame animations may be necessary though. On
  • For now I'm only commissioning characters a la carte, but if I like what I receive and we form a good relationship, I'd like to extend to paying for objects, tiles, etc. and would be willing to renegotiate pay structure details

For those unfamiliar with Zelda/Minish Cap, here's a reference:

Bonus: Willing to discuss the possibility of scrapping my existing base entirely in favor of one you create with more detailed animations and a style that suits you, as the artist, more.

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