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Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] beginner - little plant friend
« on: May 21, 2020, 05:02:58 pm »
What a jolly piece  :)

Starting with a silhouette or a line drawing means that you can quickly get a feel for the entire composition of a piece, which could mean a lot less work later on should you want to change anything about it.

I've stripped out twenty shades from your palette that were similar to other ones, which still leaves 23.

Thank you so much for all your pointers it was seriously helpful! The color palette reduction you did was definitely demonstrative, I was amazed how it looked with half the colors I used- definitely going to be more restrictive from now on. For my painting and sketching I usually do a sketch before beginning but I've never done any digital art of any kind before and for some reason the thought didn't occur to me to do one...oops. I also took a look at that tutorial and I think I had read some of the posts above it before it got buried under all the other tabs I opened- the part you pointed out was really interesting especially the method using grayscale, I might try that.

The pixel joint forum was helpful too, there were lots of pieces that used less colors like you mentioned. I think I'll try to redo this piece but from a sketch and I'll pick under 15 colors, and I'll post it here (via imgur- thanks!) again when I finish :-)

Pixel Art / [WIP] beginner - little plant friend
« on: May 06, 2020, 02:54:08 pm »
I'm a beginner with pixel art and have been working on this little cactus plant for fun. I'm not planning on integrating this into anything bigger but I would really love some feedback. I've looked at some pixel art videos on youtube and at some games (mainly backgrounds) but this is the first thing I've done by myself.

I got colors from another image of a cactus but I drew the plant from my imagination. I've seen some beginner tutorials where they do a silhouette first but I drew this piece by piece, pot first and then did one circle (?? the little leafy guys) at a time. I would really appreciate any feedback or links to helpful tutorials, I plan on improving it! (I read the pin but if I posted the image wrong I'm sorry)

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