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I am looking to pay $150 for a pixel art banner based on the last scene from the movie hackers.

My website has a pixel art theme and characters & lore. The pixel art will be the hero "McRibbs" in a swimming pool with his blow up doll "Vada." The buildings in the background will be the city of Ione. And the windows will light up displaying the words "Fuck Your Brand" similar to minute 1:11 in this YouTube clip:

So swimming pool / buildings. Two characters and in between them a squid arm holding and wrapped around a diamond. I have 1 example of the look of the skeleton. No examples of the woman/blowup doll yet so that would need to be created. Basically face/hair and top of breast floating in the water.

For McRibbs I was thinking Skull/neck/body (using a round pool floaty to cover the rest of the body on top of the water)

My maximum budget for this project is roughly $30 per hour upwards of 5 hours. If the project comes out really good of course I can tip you. And if you think the project will cost more than this we can discuss it. And I would be willing to have my website banner link to your website, or socials for an agreed upon set amount of time to reduce the cost.

I need a very high quality job, so ideally no beginner pixel artist. I've already wasted too much money on poor pixel art designs.

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