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A small update here. I got two versions of the grass here, and I don't know which direction is better, so I'm posting both to see your opinions. Thank you all for your time!

Bruh, at least post your image so people can easily see it without having to do extra work, c'mon now sonny. HEAD IN THE GAME.

Grass. The quintessential pixel artist's rite of passage.

GO find some reference you DOOFUS. Grass has been done to death.
Check out Slym's take on it:

Thus far, you're not drawing grass. You're just scattering around little leafy plants here and there.

See that repeated jagged edge texture everywhere? Kinda makes layers or waves. Try copying how Slym does it and see what you learn. Patches, clusters of grass. Subtle variations in value and hue.

You might start by taking your bands of vignette shadowing at your treeline and see if you can break up those perfectly smooth banding edges with a grassy looking texture. Right now, those perfectly smooth unbroken bands of shadow are telling us - 'hey this surface is completely smooth, no grass here'.

Do it. Don't make me end you.

Honestly I tried to post my image with the command but it kinda didn't work? Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for the advice! I'll update as soon as I do the grass and finish some animations.

Hi, I'm a bit of a newbie and I need help with a WIP scene I'm working on. I'm not sure how to draw grass here in a way it looks good. I've tried to do a more "uniform" and "tile-esque" style of grass, and also a more "flat colour" with some patches of grass distributed along the ground, but I'm not able to get a satisfying look. It's really frustrating!

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