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Pixel Art / Re: Improving my pixelation
« on: March 04, 2016, 08:27:34 pm »
Another attempt, I guess I go with this style for the time being. Still need a lot more tiles for the top of the walls and other corners but it looks ok I guess. Picked my own palette, I hope the colors are not too boring.

Pixel Art / Re: Improving my pixelation
« on: March 04, 2016, 03:13:53 pm »
I am in dire need of a "good" tile set for my "roguelike" game. So I did some color studies the past week and had some attempts at myself.

I used actual pixel art as reference for these two, and "stole" the palette. I have worked many hours on these couple of tiles and unfortunately I need like 30 tiles, with those wall tiles being the majority since I need them for every angle.

The reference for below I got from Dungeonmans, my game is going to be somewhat similar to Dungeonmans and I love how there art looks.
It are 64x64 tiles and took way too long to create.

I got my reference for below from Vierbit at pixeljoint. That stuff looks absolutely amazing....
It are 32x32 tiles, I did these last and took me a couple of hours, so at least speed is improving.

I guess I need a bit more simplistic look, at least for now so I can push out all the tiles I need and worry about the looks later on in development. I really want 64x64 tiles but these take ages to produce. I will have another go, perhaps without pixel art reference and put everything I learned past week into it.

Pixel Art / Re: Improving my pixelation
« on: February 20, 2016, 11:13:55 pm »
Wow that's a awesome edit. And his hands look like hands now, been pixeling those 80 pixels for hours :lol:. I actually tried to avoid pillow shading, but I can see my mistakes here. You still kept the darker edge but contrast it with light pixels as well instead of me trying to blend it with slightly lighter pixels. And I really like the fact you used so much of those darkest colors inside the model too, really makes it pop. But what about his left arm, isn't that a bit too much of a dark edge? My anatomy is not great bit it looks his arm comes from behind his back.

Your mention of banding directed me here and I have read about the banding. I still don't fully understand it, I can see the hugging and degree banding, the fixed ones look a lot smoother since they are not revealing the grid. I guess I can see the skip one too, the lose purple pixels seem wider when they end at the same height, I guess this occurs only when using high contrasting pixels. But how should I avoid fat pixels, it's just one color on top of another? There is no example there and I'm struggling to understand whats wrong with it.

Too late now to start some experiments, I hope to grow quickly to get result close to your edit. A long road lies ahead of me since I know even less about animating then pixeling and cannot wait to make some decent looking art for my future games.

Pixel Art / Improving my pixelation
« on: February 20, 2016, 05:29:31 pm »
Hey again, haven't been here for a while. I have been super busy developing my programmer skills. I released my first game on the Google Play store in December and I participated in the 72 hour GameJolt GDC jam #gjgdcjam last week  where my game got placed 9th which I am super excited about. Here is a link to all the entries (I hope that is allowed here), just scroll down to the 9th to see mine  :lol:

I guess to make more popular games I have to improve my art skills significantly. So I started creating some "larger" pixel art attempts. I'm actually quite proud of it and it took me ages. I would like to ask you to be so kind to stomp me back into reality with constructive criticism, I'm sure there is plenty of that in this place.

Reference on fandom wiki posted by GuyGombaa

Reference is actual pixel art by Revelation of square boy but I stopped the video before he cleaned up his linework.

And then I have a final question apart from the critique. Let's say I want to use these 2 characters in my game, am I allowed to use them? Where is the actual line since I see games that almost copy other games one on one (WoW vs a ton of mobile games to name some). I am not looking too steal any ones design and would really want to follow the guidelines and unwritten rules to improve my work. But I feel I really need reference when creating these things, once I start designing myself it won't work out at all.

Thanks, and I  hope to post here a lot and really improve my game art now.

Pixel Art / Re: Could i trick you saying this is pixel art?
« on: May 11, 2014, 07:18:40 am »
It looks nothing like pixel art to me. Just looks like a normal cel-shader...
That is what most basic pixel art looks like isn't it? Looking at your avatar it has a outline and on certain angles (cels) it gets another tint. That is what i have going on, or at least somewhat close especially the linework needs to be sharper. I will work on this if only for experiment and study sake.

Are you mixing low-poly 3D models with sprite art for your game? If all of your art assets are going to be 3D models, I honestly think you'd be better off just using normal lighting; low-poly 3D has its own charm, I think, while cel shaded stuff like this just looks sterile. Rikfuzz's edit is a step in the right direction, but it still looks somewhat cheap compared to something hand-drawn, I think.
I am making this for a 2D isometric game, i do not feel comfortable enough with programming for full blown 3D game with shaders, frustum, 3D camera, etc. So yes it probably get's mixed with 2D unless i decide to make the tiles the same way i did this one. If you look at Indigo attempt ( it does not look dull at all but sadly his skill level is much higher then mine  :mean:.
I'd go simple low-poly, or hand drawn. Unless you're trying to mix this turret in with other pixel art, in which case, you might have no choice. (Besides spending a lot longer making your art assets, hahah! X'D )

The model itself is nice, though. Have you tested it with some normal lighting and simple textures? You could even low-res texture it, if you're going for a retro look. Might look good!
Thanks, i have done some more complicated 3D art work, the thing is that i am not a good hand painter (i do not take the time to practice enough). Like i said i do not feel comfortable enough with 3D graphics programming so i have to go for 2D and do the artwork myself, atleast for now since 2D art for even a simple game can cost $10.000 easily. I want to do characters like this too, this way i can quickly get them quickly in a pose in 8 directions, even wearing different armor sets will be a cakewalk once i made them. I am just looking for a nice style and indigo inspired me with his work. In the end i might fall back to basic (3D) shading but not full 3D.

Maybe if it was a less complex motion, because it is rotating and tilting at the same time, which is something that seems fairly complicated for just a person to animate.
It's a box. If we want to be animators, we should be able to animate literally the simplest shape possible, no matter what it's doing. = =;;
Mind you, I can't, but I suck. There are plenty of animators out there who would have no problem with it, though. :lol:

I might have to say that I have control over the diffuse/color map, this however is 2048 x 2048 since I am not using 3D models this does not matter for the performance of the final game. I can still add in a ton of detail but i think i want to go for a "sterile" clean look that basic pixel art has However i am still searching and experimenting for a style.

Here is the difuse sized down 2 factors.

Pixel Art / Re: Could i trick you saying this is pixel art?
« on: May 10, 2014, 06:37:44 pm »
@RAV: All is fine. I do not mind if this gets moved or closed because it does not exactly belong in this section, i already predicted that before i posted. I'll see where this gets me. I think i start to understand what you mean with calculated and artificial movement, well i think Rikfuzz nailed it there with a edit. The idiosyncratic has to come from the model, diffuse/color map and final animation which are hand made. The software renderer in this case is the tool to make it look as close as possible to pixel art.

@rikfuzz: Amazing edit, i will try to adopt this in my next posts. I might go for a tad smoother but it really looks great. I am wondering what direction this post would go if i started of with your edit  ;D. What program did you use for that animation if i may ask?

Also, shadow or no shadow?

Pixel Art / Re: Could i trick you saying this is pixel art?
« on: May 10, 2014, 06:01:54 pm »
I understand where you are getting at. However, given infinite time everything is possible. In the end i am going for a smooth and complicated animation. I am making "stills" too later, the looks i want as close to pixel art as possible. I removed the shadow and fiddled with the shader for some artificial shading, i hope this helps too. Rendering a single frame takes a bit over 30 seconds which is an age for an image this small  :o.

Anyway, a smooth and one cut down by 5:

The light highlight is coming from the shader, like in the previous version it just "pops in and out", i am trying to get some sort of smoother transition but i have no clue how. It is popping of from a falloff map linked to viewing direction, so afaik it should be transitioning more smoothly.

Pixel Art / Re: Could i trick you saying this is pixel art?
« on: May 10, 2014, 04:08:51 pm »
That is what i thought too but after the first 3 comments i realized it looked nothing like pixel art i figured i failed on that point. And like RAV said, nobody here can help me either achieve this as a matter of fact not many people can since this technique is not used often. But if the lower amount of frames really do help i'm fine with this post being in pixel art, at least for improving on the pixel-art(ish) look. For the game i will be using a higher frame rate though, maybe not the original 65 frames but about half sounds good.

Pixel Art / Re: Could i trick you saying this is pixel art?
« on: May 10, 2014, 03:55:31 pm »
I should have know you guys had a sharp eye for that  :-X. I rendered a version with every 5th frame like you asked. The piece definitely has jaggies and the linework is not "hard" enough, it still gets anti aliased. However i am still fiddling with different render options. Guess it is time to move it to low spec, sorry for the inconvenience :blind:.

I actually switched pictures with the first post. Cels made a good point there  ::).

Pixel Art / Could i trick you saying this is pixel art?
« on: May 10, 2014, 02:37:06 pm »
So how about it?


I got inspired by this thread, i hope i can get a real stylish look to it like he does. I am actually hoping he drops in and gives me some pointers, since he is still active here :D. I am struggling a bit with the shader setup but my difuse needs still needs lots of tweaking too.

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