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Pixel Art / Re: Shaping & Shading a bag of flour
« on: May 26, 2019, 10:05:01 pm »

thanks eishiya you really convinced me, I'll find stuff i'm excited about.

@seinruhe: I'll try to look for pixelart artists with a style I like.
I like your point of view about expressing yourself even as a beginner.
I'm 23 at an advanced stage of depression, I said "little" depressed but sadly that's an understatement, but I see a psychiatris, it juste take time, thanks for caring.

Both of you helped putting things into perspective and I appreciate it, thanks :)

Pixel Art / Re: Shaping & Shading a bag of flour
« on: May 26, 2019, 04:54:55 pm »

thanks again for your answer I appreciate it.

I'll make sure to use real objects as reference, the issue with real objects is that they're not really interesting to reproduce, like, there's no dragon, or knight in shiny armor in real life etc, but you're right, I have to start somewhere!
As for studying other people works, it might sound weird but instead of inspiring me it makes me depressed, like for some artists I see their piece of art and it's just so beautiful I can't imagine having half the skill they have one day. It comes from my lack of confidence and I probably must overcome this.

I'll do the Play-Doh, it'll help to mix primitives together, and I have a light bulb I can use to have the light I want, that's really good advise worth the investment for sure.

I'll read every tutorial, slowly but surely, tbh I'm a little depressed lately, and I wanted to do some art to express myself, but I lack the skill to do that, in the same way you need to learn a language before speaking, if that make sense. So my progression will probably be slow, but at least you gave me something to start with, and I realize it'll ask probably hundreds of hour before i'm good at it, but i'm sure it'll be worth it. I just need that shot of dopamine that I lack, again due to depression.

Thanks again for your time, I'll probably get back on this forum in a few month with some new sprites !

Pixel Art / Re: Shaping & Shading a bag of flour
« on: May 25, 2019, 04:41:32 pm »
Hello thanks for your answer!

Here's what I did following your instructions :
-Found a reference I liked (pretty hard since I wanted something a little cartoony)

I ignored the rope and some of the other details as I'm not experienced enough to do it in low res
-Found a palette from this color :

I chose the 4 darkest ones
- I then designed the shape from the reference :

-Tried to make a matching mesh, so that I know what is stretched (figured that was his purpose), but it was really hard due to the low res :

-Tried to shade using the 4 color palette and the mesh as a helper.

I like what I did on the left part, the part on the reference image that was squished/bend, I gave this part a darker color and I think it looks okay. But I'm not happy with the upper part, it lacks details and the flour just look like it don't belong. I think there's also perspective issue.
-At the end I was also unsatisfied with the lower part so I decided to add a fifth color that will be used as an outline to make it look better.

That's as good as it could based on my actual skills.
I would have liked to make those parts look good : and
And of course the upper part that really looks bad.

What do you think ?
And again thanks for your time, I'm really starting from nowhere so just making this looks good is like impossible right now.

Pixel Art / Shaping & Shading a bag of flour
« on: May 22, 2019, 10:04:30 pm »

i'm new to pixelart, I wanted to learn this art to make my own little games, I have a loooong way to go but at least now I have a starting point, I bought this book called Make Your Own Pixel Art, and it's pretty good so far but that would be awesome if I could get some insight, reviews and more generally help from more experienced artists.

So the first thing I want to do is shaping (and shading) a bag of flour, something that looks kinda fluffy but also have round edge, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. So I tried to merge 5 primitives together : 1 rectangle and 4 spheres.

I tried and made this so far, I like the left part but I can't get something satisfying for the rest. Could you give me a hint ?

Thank you, the grayer parts was meant to help me picture the image in "3D", I guess it'll take time for that. I can't draw IRL and I probably lack observation skills.

Thanks !

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