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Im looking for people who are fine with getting paid later.
For now I can't pay, but after we finished making a demo for our game,
we will put it on kickstarter and/ or Indiegogo. The money that comes in
will be split evenly no matter how much it is, we're getting. (fair and square)

The gameplay will be inspired by Tomba (PsOne game).
That means it will be a platformer but there are many secrets and missions you
find by exploring the world and talking to villagers in towns between the platforming section.
There will also be mini-games/bonus levels dedicated to each town. So lets say we have 5 towns
with 1 minigame/Bonus level each that fits to the style of the town.
(for example a fruit ninja like minigame in a restaurant OR a race in another town.)

So far I dont have much but I can show at least a little..


I also made a video with a testlevel if you want to see how far the game is at the moment.
There are obviously alot of placeholder sprites, since I'm in need of an artist.

I hope to read from a dedicated artist who believes we could make something out of this project, soon!
Thanks for reading!

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