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Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] Current Project: Beat 'em Up
« on: September 01, 2011, 08:48:11 am »
One of the attack animations drafted up.

Edit; Another draft animation, this time for a fireball attack:

Pixel Art / [WIP] Current Project: Beat 'em Up
« on: August 30, 2011, 05:39:32 pm »
Some WIP stuff I'm making for a beat 'em up.

Pixel Art / Re: Facial Anatomy
« on: June 26, 2010, 05:24:07 am »
A few more changes.

Progressing slowly.

Pixel Art / Re: Facial Anatomy
« on: June 22, 2010, 05:13:11 pm »
Obviously a very unfinished update, however progress...

I can still see a lot of faults that need fixing up and a lot of cleanup pixel work.  However feel free to comment.
(Ignore the start of upper body)

Pixel Art / Re: [wip] Small game, "Crippled"
« on: June 11, 2010, 08:54:17 am »
Fair enough, I agree if the thread keeps going in that direction it won't be constructive.

A scrappy edit;

Firstly Ryumaru's comments still stand.  There has been a bit of an improvement on the clouds, but you missed what he was saying about how they converge together.
Secondly you need to consider your light source, that's what the edit is showing.  Assuming you are going with the light position elluded to by the tree, the light source is behind the tree and on it's right (That's not to say the tree doesn't still needs a rework of it's shading).

It might be worth doing some shading excercises.  Try to shade a ball, and a whole bunch of other simple shapes.  Once you understand that you can move that thinking on to amorphous objects such as the tree.  This might help get you started.
lighting theory
Also the earlier link, .

Things not covered by my edit:

You need to put more consideration into your colours.  From a realism standpoint, colours become more desaturated as you approach highlights and shadows.  There are also rarely monotone shifts between one colour and another in real world situations as is portrayed with your colour selection. (see hue shifting on that earlier link).
That colour underneath the grass shadows doesn't make sense.  It's barely visible and I don't know why you put it there as it doesn't really represent how light works.

Also your line's need a fair bit of work. 

The grass (extremely) as well as the tree in some areas suffer from banding.

Don't bother with the dithering on the sky at this stage, get everything working together nicely first.  Dithering is used as a final technique, usually either to add polish or to conserve colours.

General Discussion / Re: 3d vs 2d Myth (or is it?)
« on: June 11, 2010, 06:35:13 am »
The thing was, that someone who couldn't draw worth crap (with pictures to prove it) could however, create a fully "working" coffee pot, ship, plane, car, or what have you in 3d and it look excellent.
This is actually true, you can make things that look good in 3d without much art background, however what you can get away with is limited.  The fact that all of those can be constructed in a very technical fashion is why people can do it without any drawing ability.

Here is a conversation I had with a programmer friend of mine;
me - "That optimus prime model looks great."
him - "Yeah I made it in 3ds Max."
me - "Well if you like 3d you should give zbrush a go."
him - "Oh I tried it, I hated it. It was way too..."
me - "Organic."
him - "Exactly."

Because he didn't have a big art background he didn't appreciate zbrush, a much more organic and artist friendly (in my opinion) graphics program.  Where as 3ds max and maya have a very technical feel to the way you make the geometry.  You typically create image planes of the different perspectives of an object and then move individual vertices around to match up.

All that said, this has it's limitations.  You will eventually need a level of artistic understanding higher then this to achieve a better quality of work.  For instance, without colour theory how will you make interesting or creative textures.  Without an understanding of anatomy, you will strugle to put together a humanoid creature.  What about finer details of a creature.  But the big one is, they wont be able to create something from scratch.  They always need a reference image/possibly many and they can't make their own.

It's kind of like the difference between tracing and drawing from scratch.  People can become really good at tracing, but it doesn't mean they have artistic ability.

Pixel Art / Re: [wip] Small game, "Crippled"
« on: June 11, 2010, 05:02:44 am »
xhunterko I'm just going to point out that you just made a judgement call about me as a person based on a few lines of text;  the judjement being that I'm the type of person who makes judgement calls of people based on a few lines of text...

Quote from: xhunterko
I did not mean to be offensive if I was. I just didn't think that you had a good understanding of what kind of person I am.
I'm not offended.  I didn't make a judgement call about you as a whole like you seem to have assumed.

All I said was that I found this comment immature;
Quote from: xhunterko
Sorry, it won't happen again. Now someone lock this thread and ban me for a year before I insult bengoshia and get in another fight. When you start with off with that, I'm sorry but I don't read anything else you say.

Too that comment I said;
Quote from: zeid
To not read the rest of his comment because the first line upset you is just immature.
You said to me in response;
Quote from: xhunterko
before assuming a persons character... it is best to carefully read all of what has previously gone before and then... you may have a right to judge a persons character and personality

So what you and I are both saying is a person should read all of what someone else has to say, so that they don't take things out of context.  Do you see how this comment;
Quote from: xhunterko
When you start with off with that, I'm sorry but I don't read anything else you say
could be construde as being completely at odds with what you just proposed about not taking things out of context and reading everything that is there.

Quote from: xhunterko
Quote from: zeid
For all you know the next line could be, "OZMG JJ  Tht iz b3st Pic Eva!!!l!!11" and be completely serious.

-Really? Seriously? Honestly? Why on earth did you bother to continue to post after writing That line?
Because I had a lot more things to say that I felt would be to your benefit.  I think you read into that comment way too much...  This forum isn't here to massage ego's, in fact if anything it does the opposite.

Quote from: zeid
It would cover many a page more then you would have the patience to read, people write tombs on this stuff.
Let me just elaborate on my statement;  People have dedicated the entirety of their lives to art.  There is also a difference between learning art theory and being good at art.  Even if we did write several hundred thousand million gagigazzilion pages (maybe an exaggeration but it would be too much for any one person to take in, unless they were made of magic and crapped unicorns) or for that matter knew everything there was to know, you nor would I expect any beginner artist be able to take even a fraction of it in without actively exploring the discussed writtings in a practical manner.  This is why people keep telling you to DO SOME DRAWING!  

Quote from: xhunterko
So you can instantaneously look at a person and decide on their temperament and form of judgement?  Wow, I wish I could do that! While your points may be valid, Eyecraft did things in a much more acceptable manner.
See my first sentence. Why should I have to tip toe around what I'm trying to say.  You clearly don't feel the need to put things mildly, what with that offhand remark about how judgemental I am.

EyeCraft gave good advice, his a smart cookie so it's to be expected.  He also said;
Quote from: EyeCraft
Okay zeid posted while I was writing, and has said much the same as me, probably in a more sensible manner

Quote from: xhunterko
As a senior member of this board that I do respect, I did not expect such a shallow misconception of a person that you just portrayed.
My standing on this message board, whatever it may be should not have any bearing on the way I am treated, or the way I act towards others.  Everyone is an equal, should be treated with equal respect and expect equal respect in return.

Quote from: xhunterko
people who post here are well mannered and mature folk and would not slip into such nonsense
:P No we aren't!  :D  Okay, we are most of the time.  But we do slip into said nonsense, if just for fun.

And to everyone, sorry for getting a bit off topic.  But I personally am of the opinion that these things are important to say.  The mindset of an artist is just as important to attain as the skillset, so when I feel my remarks are being taken out of context/missread, I try and correct others readings and encourage them to think about them a little more.

NaCl, got in just before me. :P
Quote from: zeid
If I continued to post on the forums, and kept making the same mistake they will keep giving me the same advice (probably more and more bluntly) untill they give up on me and decide I'm too stuborn to learn.
Quote from: NaCl
Put aside your ego, and start doing what you need to to improve. Because you certainly have not since you came here. This will be my last post of advice to you. Good luck, hope you get something from it.

Pixel Art / Re: blue gun
« on: June 10, 2010, 06:44:22 am »
The blue gun clearly represents masculinity hence the phallic nature of the bullet as it strives towards the pink (feminine) octopus.  Furthermore the dog on a leash represents the character's dominance/conection to another, and the facing and look of dissaproval suggests their unhappiness with the males desires to pursue other's.  Due to the narcissistic nature of human portayals by artist's I can only assume you are the man wielding the blue gun.  Hence you are cheating on your significant other or desire too.

Also your clouds and grass look like they need some selout, right now they aren't seperate enough from the rest of the scene.

Pixel Art / Re: [wip] Small game, "Crippled"
« on: June 10, 2010, 05:29:07 am »
"You didn't address the issue with the clouds at all, look you're still struggling with fundamentals in art"

Sorry, it won't happen again. Now someone lock this thread and ban me for a year before I insult bengoshia and get in another fight. When you start with off with that, I'm sorry but I don't read anything else you say.

Well, you are still struggling with the foundations.  To not read the rest of his comment because the first line upset you is just immature.  For all you know the next line could be, "OZMG JJ  Tht iz b3st Pic Eva!!!l!!11" and be completely serious.  Although it's closer too, "here is some good advice to help you improve".

In fact if you had continue reading and not been so quick to take it hostilly you would have read these parts:

I'm not trying to be hurtful, understand, I'm just trying to be honest with you, I personally want you to improve, I'm sure most of us do
Really though, don't take this as a hurtful message, I did not intend it to be, I apologize if you did.
Fuk! he even apologized in advance because he thought you might get upset by his, 'bluntness'.  That doesn't seem very hostile to me.

Also his comment is littered with advice and why he has given that advice;
You need to start looking at images for reference, you should probably be drawing lots of still life and you should probably pick up some beginner art books.
if you want to be successful you should put the pixels down and start working on improving your artistic ability.

Like has been said; take from advice and use it to better yourself.  It is very important to be humble when it comes to this kind of learning, if someone was to say to me, "You don't understand x well enough, get off the forums and go do more x studies in pencil."  I would take it into careful consideration, and in all likelyhood they could be right, that might be the best course of action.  If I continued to post on the forums, and kept making the same mistake they will keep giving me the same advice (probably more and more bluntly) untill they give up on me and decide I'm too stuborn to learn.

Thank you for that run down! I am fairly certain I have line and perspective down pat.

I'm afraid not.
Some good perspective examples;

Some good line examples; (Helm comes to mind)

Pixel art is typically not a good medium for learning art fundementals as it by nature encourages iconification.  There are often unique techniques in different mediums however it could be argued pixel art demans you use it's techniques more than in other art forms.  This is why a lot of people recommend doing more drawing when they feel you aren't capable enough on a foundation level.

This forums main goal is to teach pixel art exclusively, often however it ends up discussing other non-pixel related art techniques and concepts whilst helping people improve their work and skills, this is because you are never really finished learning the fundementals (so no you can't get them, "down pat").  What people are saying is, go out and research these different art foundations as much as you can.  Practice and practice, study art, then when you have enough of an understanding of general art theory it will be a lot better for your learning to post something up here.

Why not just post something up here and skip the part where you search for the theory?  Well we could all give you critique purely on the foundation side of things.  However you not pursuing it yourself shows a lack of commitment, and you would not likely follow up on learning what we would have to provided it for you (It would cover many a page more then you would have the patience to read, people write tombs on this stuff).

The point of starting to learn the fundementals is to be able to help yourself!  When you get a better understanding of them you can look at a piece of your own work and say, "It looks flat, the forms need redefining, the colours are incorrect, the line work is poor, etc."  Then you can make efforts to improve these things.  You will learn a lot quicker if you are able to know where you have gone wrong in your own art and what you need to improve on.  Look at some of the posts of the good artists; "I'm still having trouble with the perspective", "Still fiddling with the colours", "I need to do more anatomy studies", etc.  Also posts in response to pieces, "You need to fix the perspective", etc.  If you don't understand the language how can you hope to benefit from the discussion!
how can we help you if you don't really get what we're trying to tell you

General Discussion / Re: Ramblethread! A brainstorm approaches!
« on: June 10, 2010, 02:41:27 am »
I'm planning on writting a piece on pixel art of the sub-pixel level (representing image data less then 1 pixel in size) and super-pixel level (representing image data more then 1 pixel in size).  I know a lot of people don't make this distinction but I group AA, sub-pixel animation and similar use of pixel clusters in the same capacity all into the group of "subpixel representation".

I've been considering dithering dependant on, context to fall into either super-pixel, or sub-pixel.
Right now I regard it as a super-pixel technique when it's use in regards to colour conservation;  i.e The use of larger then pixel sized patterns to create the impression of a new colour on the pixel level.
However I place dithering into the sub-pixel category when it comes to creating texture;  i.e. The use of the pixels in relation to one another to create the impression of obscured detail relating to a texture of sorts.

I've been meaning to discuss something like this for a long time (years), this seems like the thread to bring it up and to help develop my thoughts on the matter further with the influence and insight of other artists.

What are people's thoughts on this concept?  Agree dissagree, classify things differently?

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