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Title: Fresh Meat
Post by: Hyptosis on February 20, 2006, 08:20:31 pm
I've haunted this place for a very long time but never built up the nerve to post. I thought I'd share some of my old, and hideous work. Let me see here...
Some of these aren't pixelized though they are in game sprites if anyone is interested and they all interact with pixel art such as character sprites. Pixeling is really difficult guys! You all rock for doing it. =] Almost all of these are from old games I used to make with friends, back when I had tons of free time you know. >_>

This is one I'm working on right now. If anyone could crit it or give me some advice please do. I started with less dominant lines, kind of like street fighter alpha's sprites, but decided the res for it is high enough I think I'll keep the dark lines if possible. It will be used in a paperdoll system for a game. So her eyes, hair, clothes, etc will all change in the game through character selection and item use. Also, doing the eyes and mouth is scarrying the hell outta me. =] And hair come to thing of it. This important little details. I'll also have to do a male version, but the women are always more difficult for me so i did her first.

Current State


This is the original painted version I built the sprite on

Just a small test to see how clothes and such might look once sprite is in working condition.

------------------------- Old Stuff -----------------------------------------------------
This was fully animated. The grass and limbs and everything moved in the wind. The owl blinked and moved around as well. The animated version is lost though.








Title: Re: Fresh Meat
Post by: flaber on February 20, 2006, 09:18:39 pm
the base is alright, but please, if its not pixelart dont post it.
this is a pixelforum, so please only show pixels.
Title: Re: Fresh Meat
Post by: Turbo on February 20, 2006, 09:49:37 pm
I disagree, flaber. Since it's the reference for the base body he's making, i think it's rather adequate that he posted it.

The base for the body looks good, i like the shading and colors. Not the dark outline too much though.

Anatomy wise, i think the toe on the left foot is too big, and the shading on the interior part of that foot up to the heel doesn't look quite good. The top of that foot is also too high, make it "thinner".
I'd make the left breast "sag" a bit more, make it's bottom half curve hang lower. Either that or change the shading on the right breast so it looks a bit perkier, less saguier.
You should try to make the left hand closer to the original sketch - move the thumb a bit inward (to the right) and show the part of the hand behind the thumb (that has the knuckles). Like in the original.
I'd shade the right leg smoother, that blob at the middle doesn't quite help it. Just make the vertical shading lines more smooth, all the way down to the knee (ignore the original a bit).

I like your older work as well. The one with the owl is quite nice (if a bit "messy" regarding the shapes and lines, but just a bit!).
Those small backgrounds look good, i like the one with the "all your base" a lot. On some of them (mainly the blue dungeon and the graveyard ones), it seems you have ocasional tiles that look reduced from bigger sizes, because they look a bit blurry. One thing i like about pixel art is the sharp look of it, and blurry kind of spoils it.

The first forest tiles look very nice too! Screenduskbane.jpg is awesome :). Blade of Deleron suffers from severe perspective malfunction, specially with the larger sprite (and that sprite could have it's lines cleaner, too). But the bg's are nice, if out of perspective.
Title: Re: Fresh Meat
Post by: Hyptosis on February 20, 2006, 10:38:03 pm
Thanks turbo, here is the update.


I fear maybe the breasts look a little too fake now. Like implants or something, however they are going to be covered up in game, this is just the structure. Also I edited the hand. Even though in the first base painting I know the anatomy on the arm was right, it still looked too long, so I ended up moving it to the side, plus it would give more room in the stats page for the item held in that hand. Thanks guys. =]
Title: Re: Fresh Meat
Post by: Ryumaru on February 21, 2006, 12:45:05 am
i love those tiles :)
Title: Re: Fresh Meat
Post by: flaber on February 21, 2006, 01:34:09 am
i love those tiles :)

they arnt all pixelart though :(

the graveyard, tiles below such as the tree, and then the very bottom for instance arnt pixelart.
the stuff that is though, looks good.
Title: Re: Fresh Meat
Post by: Hyptosis on February 21, 2006, 02:26:47 am
Acctually almost all of it was pixel art, it has just been resized, but you're right about the tree and I'm removing it right now. But most of the rest of that tileset was pixel art. I don't have the original sizes of much of these or I'd post them but most of the originals have been long lost. I didn't think it'd cause such a stink since it is pixel related and they were originally done that way, but no problem. I'm not one to start problems. I'll remove anything that bothers you flabber. Sorry for the trouble everyone and thanks for the feedback.
Title: Re: Fresh Meat
Post by: Hyptosis on February 21, 2006, 02:31:11 am
There we go, besides the two base images for the sprite I'm working on at the top, I've removed anything that wasn't done pixel by pixel, if the resized stuff bothers you just let me know and I'll remove them too. Most of them were larger but we slightly resized the images we posted to the public at the time to reduce art theft because it was for a contest. I removed the large street area too because a couple of the in game sprites in that screen shot were also airbrushed.