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Title: [WIP] Robot
Post by: BrokenEdge on June 18, 2009, 08:44:17 pm
This is my first attempt at Pixel Art.  Critics, tips, and help will be gladly accepted.  Thanks.
I screwed up with File Format, I have it in .gif now for better viewability.
Title: Re: (WIP) Help
Post by: BrokenEdge on June 19, 2009, 05:14:41 am
I updated it a bit and made it look more like the Dead Space character:
Title: Re: (WIP) Advise Please.
Post by: Avocado on June 20, 2009, 04:35:47 am

First off you might want to work on a darker background, white is kind of bleh and makes it hard to see highlights.

Hopefully I haven't butchered what you were going for too much and you can see what I was sort of trying to do.  Yours looked like he was falling over backwards and the perspective was kind of odd, I tried to fix the perspective but the side-view might not be what you were going for.  I left your head pretty much the way it was, I actually really dig what you did with the mask.

Basically what I did in the eidt was mess around with anatomy a bit (the arm is completely off and blobby in my edit but I think the size proportions are okay) and edit your coloring a bit.  Your coloring was a bit unclear and could have been cleaned up and there were al ot of very similar values, which I hope I cleared up.  You might not want the boots and the shoulder/chest armor, I don't really know why I threw those in.  I guess I wanted to break the brownish monotony a bit.  I also left out the energy pack on his back, I wasn't really sure about how I would go about adding it in with the colors I had without making it look too odd and this was kind of a rushed edit.  Sorry about that.

It's not really a great edit but what I hope gets across is: cleaner coloring, more contrasty hue shifts, better readability, anatomy, less colors.

Hope this helps and isn't completely wrong style-wise.
Title: Re: (WIP) Advise Please.
Post by: BrokenEdge on September 22, 2009, 03:07:16 am
That helped very much, Thank you.

But tts been awhile since I've worked on this but I've changed the perspective a bit and the colors.