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Title: hi id like to know...
Post by: instant on January 14, 2006, 05:39:01 pm
Hi im relatively new to pixel art and i would like to know what "tactics" sprites are and how to make them. I am interested in the style and i want to understand it so when i make my sprityes, i can develop my own style :)

thanks in advance
Title: Re: hi id like to know...
Post by: vedsten on January 14, 2006, 06:28:34 pm
Title: Re: hi id like to know...
Post by: Xion on January 14, 2006, 06:33:32 pm
Tactics sprites are usually sprites used in tactics games, most often turn based strategies. Yep. They generally have an isometric viewpoint, and some famous games that use this style are "Ogre Battle (http://tsgk.captainn.net/index.php?p=showgame&t=sy&sy=8&ga=316)," and "Final Fantasy Tactics (http://tsgk.captainn.net/index.php?p=showgame&t=sy&sy=4&ga=42&sec=90)."

Anywhoo, good luck on that style development.

(BTW, Dhaos' sprites were similar to the Ogre Battle ones.)
Title: Re: hi id like to know...
Post by: instant on January 14, 2006, 06:49:36 pm

thanks but,
i have checked the tut page however i havent found anything depicting how to sprite tactics sprites, my main questions are how the palette is made for tactics sprites as well as the odd dithering-ish (dunno any better word) arrangement of pixels. i wonder if there are any other resources

here's an example of what im looking at http://www.pixeljoint.com/files/icons/full/angelsbreath1.gif
Title: Re: hi id like to know...
Post by: robalan on January 16, 2006, 02:35:28 am
Well, in order to do sprites like that, you first have to learn the basics of pixel art.  I hate to break it to you, but there is no set formula for doing art.  I would reccommend checking out St0ven's site (spriteart.com), specifically Tsugumo's tutorial, which helped me to get started into pixel art.  If I am mistaken and you do know the basics of pixel art, then by all means, open up your preferred pixel-pushing program, sketch some lines, pick colors, and make a 3/4 perspective "Tactics Sprite".  I don't know of a tutorial that teaches "how to make tactics sprites", simply because "Tactics Sprites" is such a broad topic.  The 8x8 cell phone tanks, the slightly larger WWII sprites, Dhaos's sprites, the sprites from FFTA, and many others fit into the category of "Tactics Sprites".

I hope this post doesn't scare you away from pixel art; it really is a fun and rewarding hobby.  However, it is a hobby that takes persistence, patience, and hard work.  I wish you sincere luck in your pixelling, and keep working at it until you succeed.

P.S. Capitalization is your friend ;-)