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Title: Lowpoly f15 and cars
Post by: Kazuya Mochu on September 22, 2008, 04:03:57 pm
Hey every one,

I've been away from pixeling, but some months ago I decided to make lowspec cars with non-pixeled textures, though I might make pixeled textures afterwards.
but some time ago I made a really lowspec model of an F15 with a 32x32 pixeled texture. it came out funny I think. I like the pixels being so big. on the model.

here they are:

its 248 polys


and here are the cars I made.

none goes above 210 polys. textures are 128x128, but I want to make 64x64 pixeled textures.








tell me what you think

Title: Re: Lowpoly f15 and cars
Post by: Howard Day on September 22, 2008, 08:08:43 pm
I really like the cars - they definitely would benefit from having pixeled textures, though. As it stands, they look a bit too...blurry? It's hard to describe, they look fine, it just seems like they're at an uncomfortable medium between pixeled textures and more high-res efforts...if that makes any sort of sense. The F-15 looks pretty good as well - I get the feeling that it'd be easier to appreciate it if the model was rendered at a lower resolution than what you have here...I think that's where the differences between the texel/pixel sizes and the rest of the model start to look disjointed.
I'd love to see more!