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Title: You've all heard of Rippers, what about "Inkers"?
Post by: HulioG on September 12, 2008, 04:15:18 am
Personally would you be annoyed if someone stole the colors of your base? Is using someone else's platte worth getting angry about? Would it be an overreaction? Or are colors, simply "colors"...

I've come here because I'd like to hear the opinions of people who take their art seriously.
Title: Re: You've all heard of Rippers, what about "Inkers"?
Post by: The B.O.B. on September 12, 2008, 05:52:22 am
   In my honest opinion, no. Colors are such a cycle of life, that no living creature has power over. No one has rightful ownership of these beautiful things we call colors, and rightfully so; they are free for everyone to use as they wish. I find it ridiculous that someone would get angry over another "using MY palette". And what's the problem with that? Were you the first to use this combination of colors? Sorry to rain on your parade, but several people tend to enjoy similar aesthetic combinations, whether it be warmer palettes, colder, neutral, etc.
   And if they did intentionally use "your" palette, is it really that big a deal? Again, that person is free as a bird to use whatever colors he/she wishes: it's what you do with them that counts...
Title: Re: You've all heard of Rippers, what about "Inkers"?
Post by: ptoing on September 12, 2008, 06:36:40 am
It technically is no big deal as B.O.B. says, though stealing colours from other pictures and never really making your own palette of course would hinder you from learning to select your own nice palettes or really being able to learn colour conservation and such.
Title: Re: You've all heard of Rippers, what about "Inkers"?
Post by: Ryumaru on September 13, 2008, 02:10:58 am
Yeah, it's one thing to say" hey you stole my art" which is really valid but to say hey you stole R:157 G:87 B: 105 from me is kinda stupid. In a traditional world that would translate too: " hey you stole my cobalt blue" which if they ACTUALLY stole the paint tube you should be pissed because cobalt is expensive :3
Title: Re: You've all heard of Rippers, what about "Inkers"?
Post by: Cure on September 13, 2008, 02:17:44 am
I agree with the rest of the answers in this thread, but at the same time, I think you should give props to the original composer of the palette if you use it.  Especially if it's a very distinctive and original palette.  Choosing colors is part of the process as much as composition or any other element of the piece.  It's not wrong, but as Ptoing said, it doesn't help one improve.  I personally believe it's always polite to cite your sources, whatever element of a picture it be, if it's something as direct as an identical palette.
Title: Re: You've all heard of Rippers, what about "Inkers"?
Post by: skamocore on September 13, 2008, 06:49:51 am
I agree with Cure, you really *should* credit whoever it was that made the palette. An obvious example is Arne's palette. We all know it exists, but if I made something with it and I didn't mention that it was his palette, it could be seen as me passing off that palette as my own creation.

Even if you are using a well known palette (Arne's doesn't count, I'm sure most people outside of pixelation haven't heard of it.),such as CGA, then you probably should still mention that you are using the CGA palette. Not stating where your palette is from implies that it's yours and is more or less taking credit for something that isn't your own. I have seen a lot of images where people have been praised for their colour choices when they are using a palette they didn't create.

Having said that, if you see an image consisting of all pure colours/well known colours (ff0000, 00ff00, 0000ff, 000000 etc...) then you probably don't need to cite anything, since they are all fairly obvious colours. It would be rediculous if I decided to make a 2-colour black and white piece and then cite someone who also used pure black and white.

What Ryumaru is saying seems like a bit of a different thing entirely. One colour is one colour, no one is ever going to make a piece of art with only one colour, well they could, but it would suck! As soon as you start having more colours then it becomes less and less likely that someone else could pick the exact same colours as you purely by chance. Think of it like this - if you just place a single pixel on a screen, then obviously you shouldn't need to be credited anytime someone else decides to place a single pixel on a screen. But as soon as you start adding more pixels to form a complete scene and someone decides they want to use your lineart for that piece, then you probably would want to be credited for it.

Basically, if a piece uses a distinct set of colours and you decide to use those exact colours then it's probably best to just credit the person whose colours you're using :)
Title: Re: You've all heard of Rippers, what about "Inkers"?
Post by: Ryumaru on September 14, 2008, 06:18:35 am
I guess I WOULD be annoyed if someone took my palette and used it on an image that had very similar subject matter, but my point is that that annoyance is slightly illogical. All the colors we have to use are the same that everyone else has to use and whether its only one color or 16 colors doesn't make it less or more of a "wrong" thing to do. Also to mention, one 16 color palette could be used in multiple VERY different ways.
Title: Re: You've all heard of Rippers, what about "Inkers"?
Post by: PypeBros on September 15, 2008, 11:40:49 am
i suck at creating palettes. That's something i'm only starting to try now, while i've been sketching pixels for about years.

Back then, i've been shamelessly "ripping" palettes from games when i could (e.g. Tyrian shmup or Furry of the Furries), and honnestly, it was fairly hard for me to work properly with those palettes (especially when the number of colors was more restricted) as it implied techniques i did not understood properly.

E.g. if you haven't understood hue shifting, and that makes you rip someone else' palette, you'll still be clueless on how to use those colors to get the feeling of your "reference" picture. Somehow, i wish people with real talent would explain how they craft their palette, and refine it to get something that properly fits the purpose of the scene, but it seems that's more or less unconcious and thus not as well accessible to novice artist as e.g. AA-tips.
Title: Re: You've all heard of Rippers, what about "Inkers"?
Post by: Beoran on September 21, 2008, 09:27:03 am
Well, I think that it is a nice and polite thing to mention if you are using someone's palette, so the person whose palette you are using can know that his work in making the palette is appreciated. Artists generally care for getting credit and kudos, and I think they deserve it. :)
Title: Re: You've all heard of Rippers, what about "Inkers"?
Post by: HulioG on September 22, 2008, 09:21:44 am
Hmm, whats this about Arne? Anyway, this response was mostly directed towards Xelados post.

Okay, so we've got alot of different views here, many sharing similar concepts...Lets say you were to place yourself in a scenario where you as artist were to be browsing a forum and happen to stumble upon someone using your entire palette in their art. You mean to say to me you wouldn't be tempted to confront this guy? If you were to accurately place yourself in this position I'd imagine rather than "recognition" from people, the true motive here would be "respect" from that fellow artist.

I think colors are more important then they're being spoken of here. Last week I left this thread thinking of posts from Bob and Ptoing, happy with the replies. But then Skamocore brought it down to a single pixel and thats what made me think, "thats what it really comes down too". But as soon as you expand it it becomes something to talk about. I browse pixel art and when I glare into the creations I feel as if the colors are the heart of the image. Not only that, the way an artist uses color are one of characteristics that help define that unique individual. I personally believe it's one thing to glare at someone's work and try to micmic the palette but when you just ink it it's a lazy and ugly habit. The least you can do is give credit to the guy who takes the time to make his own plattee.
Title: Re: You've all heard of Rippers, what about "Inkers"?
Post by: Dusty on September 22, 2008, 06:11:32 pm
Arne made a palette for public use. Though that doesn't really apply here as Arne has generously let anyone who wishes to use his palette, while your scenerio's are about 'stealing' palette's.

I agree with the previous comments though... but on the other hand 'stealing' one color is a lot different that using a whole palette of someone else's. Anyone can pick a color, but not everyone can pick colors that work together nicely. Either way, I don't think it's a big deal.

I'd put 'inking' along the same lines as tracing. It isn't exactly wrong to trace, but how will you learn if all you do is trace?
Title: Re: You've all heard of Rippers, what about "Inkers"?
Post by: Beoran on September 24, 2008, 07:59:27 pm
Yes, Xelados, but did he credit you? If so, then that's nice, if not, however, I think he should have.
Title: Re: You've all heard of Rippers, what about "Inkers"?
Post by: Larwick on October 02, 2008, 04:51:15 pm
I haven't read all the posts in this thread, so apologies if this has been brought up before. I think it's more of an issue with the person who is using another persons palette than an issue for the person who's palette is being used. They have to realise what they're doing, especially if they're procrastinating learning how to pick palettes themselves. If they're using another persons palette because of restrictions or suchlike, it's not an issue at all i don't think (as i hope the artist would want to let people know they were restricting themselves with this certain palette anyway). But with common courtesy, if someone asks, you should admit to your sources. Otherwise you're just lying to yourself.
Title: Re: You've all heard of Rippers, what about "Inkers"?
Post by: ndchristie on October 02, 2008, 11:25:07 pm
I agree with the "colors are like letters" argument, and think it's a nice way of framing it.  Although it's sometimes questionable practice to take a word from a person's piece, it's not the same as a whole line.  Sometimes, though not often, something is done exactly in a way which compliments your ideas.  Of course, it's still better to paraphrase than to simply parrot, but that's more a personal issue again than a larger one.

Anyway, colors themselves are far less important than the way they are used.