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Title: [Paid] Classic Beat'em Up (Roles for Character Animation, Environment, FX, ETC)
Post by: Tobe on November 12, 2021, 01:02:36 am
Hi everyone,
My name is Ray, an indie game dev under the name Secret Base.
You can find more info about my previous game on my website https://www.secretbase.sg/ (https://www.secretbase.sg/), or my twitter account https://twitter.com/secretbaseSG (https://twitter.com/secretbaseSG)

I'm have been working on an unannounced beat'em up, and it has a rather clean visual, with snappy animation, much like my old avengers mock up from a few years ago...
https://youtu.be/uazVevbfs0c (https://youtu.be/uazVevbfs0c)

I have a few position I'm hoping to fill, as listed below.

That's quite a few roles because the project is entering Beta, and I'm largely focus on churning out more contents. However, it is important to note that there are others that has already been working on the project for some time now, so it's not like I'm hiring 1 environment artist or 1 animator for the whole game. You will be joining an existing project, so you must be prepared to adapt to the art style.

I am more open to artist that want to take on multiple role, depending on the timeline. Sometimes it's just because you want more work. Sometimes it's because working on 2 different things allows you to switch around and not get bored. For me, I much rather have someone that's invested in the project, rather than 5 artists, each contributing only a small bit, get paid, and disappear :(

My priority right now is environment and character animators. The rest might come in 1 or 2 months later.

Frequent updates and communication (over discord) are also required over production. This is to help both you and I to make sure things are done correctly, and avoid situation 2 weeks down the road that the artist delivered something I simply cannot use, or the artist decide not to show up anymore, and I'm left there waiting, as you can imagine has happened before. I am the artist for the avengers mock up and most of the game so far, so I believe I am able to offer advise and feedback to help increase quality and productivity.

I think that is all for now. If you are keen, you can reach out to me on my email raymond.teo@at@secretbase.sg or DM me. Send me your portfolio link (avoid attachment please. I have a small inbox), what you like to do and give some examples of how much you've charge for past pieces. Do note that my email has been going into spam, so you might want to whitelist me if you're sending expecting my reply. Do also note that there will need to be an NDA signing to discuss work in detail, and a simple contract signing to kick off the work.

Thank you for reading!!
Title: Re: [Paid] Classic Beat'em Up (Roles for Character Animation, Environment, FX, ETC)
Post by: Zygodactyl on November 12, 2021, 06:34:58 am
Hey there! I think your email may have an error in it?


There's 2 @s in there and it says "at" in the middle is the correct one just raymond.teo@secretbase.sg?
Title: Re: [Paid] Classic Beat'em Up (Roles for Character Animation, Environment, FX, ETC)
Post by: Tobe on November 15, 2021, 03:47:17 am
Hey there! I think your email may have an error in it?

Hi there, thanks for clarifying. You're right that my correct email is as you've stated.
But it's not an error. I just didn't want to put my actual email address because I didn't want some internet bots to start sending me spam mails and flooding my inbox. I think most of us can figure out the actual email address so I left it as it is.

Also, a quick update for everyone that email me or PM me, I have received your message, but I wanted to wait a while more and see who are the valid candidate.

I do noticed that many of those that approached might not have a similar art or animation style, or does not have anything similar in the portfolio shared. It is understandable that you like to try anyway, but I thought I share now that the chance for us working together is much lower as I do need to standardize the art style at the end of the day. Still, thanks for the response and interest :)