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Title: [PAID] PIXEL ASSETS needed for ISOMETRIC Tactics RPG in development
Post by: 3LLL on September 02, 2021, 09:19:57 pm
Company Title: Augminted Labs - Art Lead
Name: Phillip or 3LLL
Project Title: N0XSCAPE

We are currently looking for talented and motivated pixel artists that specialize in the following fields.

- Isometric Tilseet creation
    - land tile assets
    - misc. environment assets (foliage, trees, buildings, ruins and caves etc...)
    - misc. interactable (items, collectibles, chests, shrines, torches etc...)
    - level design
    - tile animation
- Character creation
    - hair style assets
    - armor assets
    - hand and arm poses (for two handed, single handed, bow style weapons)
    - weapon assets (bows, hammers, staffs, axes)
- Character animation
    - idle
    - attack
    - walk
- FX animation
    - attack FX
    - magic FX
    - weapon FX
- UI
    - menu system
    - items / loot items
    - HUD for (health, stamina, magic bars)
    - misc. infographics

    Payment: $10-30 per deliverable [negotiable]

    Contact: If interested Send portfolio with ISO work to PM or can switch to Discord > 3LLL#1536