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Title: [CC] Buff dude
Post by: Dnilb on May 19, 2021, 05:00:23 pm
Hey, I am working on a character for a game.

Proportions are supposed to be wider top compared to legs.
Those marks on his arms are supposed to be tattoos.

Do white stripes on his shirt look weird? (Adidas stripes/logo)
Anything else that looks off?
Title: Re: [CC] Buff dude
Post by: fskn on May 19, 2021, 05:25:59 pm
It looks very noisy, especially because of the tattoos.
His right leg seems broken, perhaps you've bent it a little too much. It could look better, I guess, if you kept the lighter gray as an uninterrupted cluster, maybe...



There. Though I don't know what to do with those tattoos...

The hair looks better when you treat it as a color mass, imho, just pulling some clusters out of it.
And there's one blue there that's reeeally close to black. You could totally ditch that.

It kinda looks like he's playing air guitar. :lol:
Title: Re: [CC] Buff dude
Post by: SeinRuhe on May 19, 2021, 10:03:18 pm
I agree with Fskn, it looks very noisy. Besides, he doesn't look buffed at all, and design could be improved to have better readability.

There are some stuff I would change to improve the overall sprite:

- The leg on our left looks broken, foot too.

- The hand on our right reads as if the thumb is pointing downwards, effectively making the sprite have two hands of the same instead of one left, one right hand.

- If this is for a game I would change his outfit to better reflect what a buffed guy wears to the gym or something like that.

- If the idea is that his upper body is way bigger than his lower body I would also change his pants for shorts, showing skinny legs may help to sell the idea that his torso and arms are really big.

- Lastly, this is really specific of games but try to put the lightsource on the side closest to the camera, in this case the left side. This really helps things to look consistent on a game when flipping the sprite, lightsource as it is will look really weird when mirrored.

Here's some dirty edit, I did this on my phone because my back is killing me so a lot of extra cleanup is needed.

Feel free to take whatever you think works and discard the rest!