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Title: The Archipelago
Post by: dreamisle on December 12, 2005, 12:39:00 am
No doubt some of you have heard about Game Maker or even witnessed the horror that is the Game Maker Community. Back in the day, I had a pixel project called GM Iso City, where you'd design isometric buildings for a plot of land that would link to your site. Eventually, several inconveniences emerged and I lost interest, but now I have a similar project called Archipelago.

Technically, Archipelago is a Game Maker Community thing, but I want to expand it to pixel art as well. You can make a 32x16 piece of sea (island, boat, whatever) and email it along with a URL to my email address on the site, or you can post it here.


Eventually I hope to add a couple options besides new window, but they'll be different than the options in my tile project (@ http://dreamisle.dexxent.com/tiles/ )