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Title: Why are pixel artists expected to be animators?
Post by: Xanturi on February 23, 2021, 08:06:22 pm
I've been doing pixel art on and off as a hobby for a little while (although I'm mainly a writer). The hobby is always something I come back to. However, what puts me off, aside from the difficulty--and detailed pixel art is difficult--is the idea that it's taken for granted that pixel artists are also supposed to be animators. I never really thought about this, however, until now. It seems strange that we're expected to be animators, thus blending two incredibly difficult fields together. You wouldn't expect a concept artist to be an animator, so why are pixel character artists also required to do animation? They're completely separate... I don't know about this for sure since I just make static characters and I'm not in game dev. But from all the 'making of' videos I've seen, it seems likely. It's off-putting as I don't also want to be an animator. It doesn't make sense as animation is genuinely a different hobby with different skills and required knowledge. It seems so strange.

I just want to make stuff like this (https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/028/432/151/large/taylor-hood-final.jpg?1594460804) and then hand it over to the animator... But I guess an animator would have no knowledge of how to to move the pixels and colour them, right? The same could be said for pixel artists doing animations. I can't think of a single other artistic field that is like this.